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Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer

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Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer has been an educator for over 25 years. She is an education specialist and has written 4 books including:

Dr. Evans-Brewer is able to collaborate with individuals and groups facilitating with the sole belief that two things work better together than either one could alone. She believes that Synergy is power. It moves, it motivates, and it inspires. It lays a foundation whereby individuals develop the inner-strength and determination to replace fear, procrastination with a new life plan. She has serviced at-risk youth since 1997 and has a long history of providing mentoring. She is the founder of a not-for profit: Purple Rain: Girls Overcoming Abuse, a mentoring group used to provide outreach to girls’ and women involved in intimate partner abuse. She is a professor at both Concordia and DeVry Universities. She is also a Newly wed, mother of four yet she still finds time for consulting, writing, public speaking, developing media projects, and organizing programs that encourage enrichment, improved self-esteem, and life management skills. She has recently launched a successful internet radio program called BEYOND THE SURFACE RADIO.





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Beyond The Surface Radio Show



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