Fast Food and Gin On the Lawn by Saira Viola

by Saira Viola


Fast Food and Gin on the Lawn is a unique and contemporary insight into the political and cultural landscape of our times . Viola uses emotive and irreverent language to describe the condition of humanity . She draws upon inspiration from art, nature and social injustice to reflect the theatre of life , using different techniques and structural styles to convey narrative and abstract themes . Viola has a remarkably individual tone that is witty dreamlike and powerfully unsettling….



Author Saira Viola


Saira Viola:

“I am a fiction writer poet and social commentator I have devised a new literary technique called “sonicscatterscipt” whereby I take lyrical beats, art, references to popular culture street slang and nature to meld a new kind of language that verges on poetry : “She was a flirt and skirt chick with a Jenna Jameson bounce” . I write about the damaged , the broken the guilty the misfits the outsiders and of course the privileged and the elite….”

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