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This is a short guide for those who are interested in raising funds for their school projects in the world of the Internet and social media. You can easily go through it during your lunch break. But if you are seriously considering launching a crowdfunding campaign, there is a lot of links to additional resources which will help you find the best platform, organize your team and create an effective marketing plan. Good luck!


Support This Amazing Kickstarter Campaign
Experience the Birth of an Epic Fantasy Novel


What is The Evenarian about?

In a world of kingdoms and empires, mages and sorcerers, there was a prophecy. It was said that a man would bring about a golden age. This messianic figure would be known in history as the Evenarian. But he must be stopped. A strange wanderer valiantly tries to prevent the dystopia that awaits in this “golden age” in which magic is removed from the world. Our hero embarks on an epic journey. His young friend, a student of magic, testifies this tale – perhaps the greatest story their history has ever (or never) known.

It’s written by me, Julia Dickinson, a long-time writer and journalist with a passion for fantasy and sci-fi. The Evenarian is my way of giving back to the fan and creative communities that have given me so much inspiration and enjoyment over the years. The Evenarian is a blend of epic tales with magical elements like Game of Thrones, and of twisted stories that make you question the true intent of history/destiny, such as 12 Monkeys.


About the Campaign –

A message from the author: Julia Dickinson

Why is launching a Kickstarter campaign so exciting? For me, it’s the feeling of letting you be a part of this book, The Evenarian, in a very special way. Some authors are all secluded when they write their book, not giving the slightest glimpse to strangers or family alike. But I want to share my book with you, and let you get a sense of what it’s like to write and publish a novel.

All my life I’ve been training to be an author. I’ve saved up money while working as a journalist so that I can do this. Every day after work I would come home and work on a novel that I self-published online because I wanted to perfect the art. Since it received many positive reviews, and I had enough money saved up to get started, I went for it. I’m writing full-time now, and it’s going great. I’m writing conflicts and resolutions, build-ups and action, plot and subplots. The story will be spellbinding – not in the least because there’s actual spells in it.

Sadly, I recently realized that I have enough funds to get me through writing the book, but not enough to build an audience and get the novel published. That brings up all sorts of troubling questions. What if I write a great book but nobody will be able to read it because it just needs an extra boost to get a bit of press and an editor who will make it shine for a publisher? That’s why I need you to donate to my campaign.

But this isn’t a one-way street. I can give you an inside scoop into writing and publishing, and you can give me a chance to go all the way to bookshelves and living rooms all over the world. This is where Kickstarter comes in. With each donation comes a prize.

For the price of a movie ticket, you can get the first level of inside scoops into the book and writing process. You can get a postcard in the mail with new and improved Evenarian cover art and a heartfelt thank-you note from your truly. You can also get an inside view into what literary agents see when I send them the package about my book. You can get a phone call with me where you can ask me about the writing and publishing process, or just what it’s like to live in California. It’ll be a blast. You can even get an invite to the book launch party. And most importantly, for all of the prize levels, you get your name in the book’s thank-you section!

Thanks in advance for your support. I promise it’ll be worth your while.

CLICK HERE to join the campaign and help bring this project to life.


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