A Must Read Novel – The Beginning: Intimate Misfortunes

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A Must Read Novel About A Life in Turmoil – suspense, romance, mystery and crime

The Beginning: Intimate Misfortunes

By N.Y. Hawkins


In the beginning, life was good for the Strobey family. They had it all: a beautiful home, more money than you can imagine, and the finest cars…that was until the day of the rape.

The rape of Samantha Strobey at the age of thirteen was to blame for her promiscuous acts, a life threatening abortion, which affected her mentally and physically, and her addiction to drugs. During the procedure for the abortion, she began to hemorrhage a great amount and had to deal with the removal of one of her ovaries. The doctors were not sure if she would be able to have children in the future. These obstacles made life difficult for her. By the age of fifteen, she had already encountered eleven sex partners including her best friend’s boyfriend; Drake.

Life turned its back on Sam, and things had taken a turn for the worst. From the rape to being run over by a car to being plotted against for her money…what would be next? Would she get through these challenges or would the plot against her destroy her…


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Meet the Author: N.Y. Hawkins

First time author N.Y. Hawkins (or Nicole Y. Hawkins) contemplated the idea of becoming an author frequently. It was her dream for many years. However, thinking that her ideas for a book would not be good enough, she chose to write in a journal instead…. every night about her day’s experiences.

Then Her beloved grandmother became ill and just before she passed away, she gave Nicole a little advice. She told her to never quit or give up on a dream that has the potential of becoming a reality. Nicole embedded that advice into her heart and began the process of pursing one of her ultimate dreams; becoming an author.

Nicole wrote her first novel about six years ago while on bed rest during the pregnancy of her second daughter. It started as a bet with her coworkers who challenged her to complete an entire book in six months. The bet became a passion of hers that she couldn’t control. Day and night, she wrote and wrote until she finally finished….. bringing the ending of her book to a close …….in an astonishing six weeks. Nicole is the author of: The Beginning: Intimate Misfortunes. A Sequel is underway and The Finale: Intimate Misfortunes will be available soon. Nicole is also the author of: What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away.

 Connect with N.Y.

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NOHO – A Good old-fashioned hardboiled thriller


James Davis delivers a gritty Noir tale with his newest release called Noho. The novel takes place in Soho, London sometime in the 1930’s. His character Nick Valentine takes us right into the seedy sections and leads us on a world wind tour as he attempts to solve a murder, protect his dame and figure out who the good guys are. Noho is a good, old-fashioned hardboiled thriller.

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When a dead dancing girl with all the wrong connections is found with Nick Valentine’s name scrawled on a scrap of paper in her pocket, life gets complicated for the disgraced Great War hero.

Unwillingly drawn into a web of espionage and crime in the underbelly of 1930’s London, Nick soon discovers that who killed her may be less important than why. With British Intelligence leaning on Nick to use his underworld connections to investigate the girl’s killing, it soon becomes clear that there’s more to the murder than meets the eye.

Nick soon finds himself at odds not just with the authorities, but on the wrong side of Soho’s gangland bosses and pursued by a foreign spy ring. Trawling Fitzrovia and Soho’s demi-monde of clubs, cabarets and pubs for answers, Nick realises that the stakes go beyond national security, and that no one can be trusted.

As the net closes and the case draws to an increasingly bloody conclusion, Nick is left to tie up the loose ends at a terrible personal cost.

This dark and brooding thriller lifts the covers on a fascinating 1930s’ London few know, while the plot’s twists and turns keep the reader guessing right up to the final page.


Meet The Author:  James Davis

A keen writer since early childhood, whilst studying psychology at college James continued to write, both fiction and increasingly, commentary and opinion on the burgeoning dance music scene. It was perhaps inevitable that after university James would end up spending his nights hunched over a keyboard in a squat in London’s Fitzrovia, scratching a living from writing freelance magazine commissions whilst working on his fiction. These formative years are a key inspiration for the setting of Noho.

Journalistic success of sorts beckoned and in 1997 after a spell travelling the US James had a short story published in a travel anthology, Travellers Tales From Heaven and Hell, (Eye Books, 1997) and his freelance work led to him joining the legendary Ministry of Sound club as part of the team that launched Ministry magazine. Contributions to The Face, Mixmag, Seven, The UK Club Guide, Metro, The Times and many more were to follow.

Whilst professionally James became increasingly involved in the commercial side of the fast developing digital media business, working in senior roles for Warner Bros, News International and MTV, among others, his passion for writing never diminished. He continued to fill his spare time crafting novels and observing London’s demi-monde of nightclubs, boozers and cabarets, developing a passion for Art Deco style and burlesque, as well as a taste for Martinis.

A keen traveller, James now splits his time between London and Ibiza and is married. He spends his spare time reading, writing and doing his best to stay in shape. Noho is his debut novel, but certainly not his last. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!


More About James:

What inspired you to become a writer?
I’ve loved writing since childhood. I used to write short stories as a child, and was always starting novels, but never getting beyond the first twenty or so pages! Through school and university fiction writing took a back seat to assignments, but I picked it up again and started writing in earnest in my early twenties. It’s just something I love.

Does your location inspire you?
Ibiza definitely inspires – but it also distracts – it’s so beautiful, and there’s so much going on. I have the seed of an idea for a novel set in Ibiza that I keep jotting ideas down on at the moment…
How much does the level of creativity that exists on the island motivate your writing?
What’s great about the island is that there is so much creativity here across so many different fields: music, art, fashion, it’s definitely inspiring and seeing other people creating does drive you forward.

Do you have plans to follow up Noho and if so, can you tell us about them?
Definitely! As I said, I have an idea about a novel set in Ibiza, I’ve got some ideas jotted down for the second Noho, and I actually already have a short story prequel, Valentine in Paris, that I wrote while in Ibiza, out on Kindle. On top of that, I’m reworking a gritty urban London thriller and working on a non-fiction title that I hope to have some news on later in the year. Prioritising and finding time is my problem at the moment, but I hope to have another fiction novel out this year.

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The Set Up and The Inside Job
Thrillers by Felix Riley

Secret Service Agent Mike Byrne is too late . . .

Too late to save the one man who knew the truth – the star witness who was about to blow the whistle on the biggest banking scandal in history. Too late to stop an innocent man from dying, and so plunging the world of high finance into a death spiral of violence and murder.

Because payback for bankers who gambled with other people’s money is being handed out in bullets and bombs. And now the only person who can keep the bankers alive is Agent Byrne, who finds himself having to protect the very people he swore to take down. Before long Byrne is locked into a deadly fight with an unseen enemy – an enemy that will stop at nothing to get what they want . . .



New York City – present day.

The Investigator… is under investigation for the cold-blooded murder of four Wall Street bankers. The NYPD have motive, they have opportunity – and they have it on film.

The Conspiracy… involves the very people we were meant to trust. They have money, they have power, and they have Mike Byrne in their sights.

The Set-Up… requires a fall guy.

Mike Byrne has a past that was meant to stay that way – in the past. Only, the past has a way of catching up with you. Instead he finds himself caught in a race against time, trying to prevent an attack in New York City, an attack that nobody else can stop.

They want Mike Byrne framed. They want Mike Byrne dead. But they forgot what he was trained to do…



Author Website
Felix on Twitter

As far as Thrillers go, Felix Riley writes the BEST – Follow @FelixRileyBooks Author of The Set Up and The Inside Job! www.felixriley.com.

SIC ~ a “Cerebral” and “gritty” Thriller by Scott Kelly


What if you were forced to completely 
change your life in fifteen minutes?

One rule: If another player taps you on the shoulder, you have to completely change your life within the next fifteen minutes. In front of everyone. Your car, your virginity, your grades, your identity – nothing is safe. When five high school students from the wrong part of town devote their lives to playing the game David invented, what could go wrong?David’s murder, for one……..

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Connect with the Author: Scott Kelly 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScottKellyBooks

Author Spotlight and Book Launch:
Romantic Suspense with Adrienne Giordano

Book Four


Adrienne Giordano is the author of the award winning
romantic suspense Private Protectors series.

BOOK LAUNCH – June 4th

Negotiating Point, a novella and the fourth installment in the series, will be released on June 4.  As a hostage negotiator for Taylor Security, Gavin Sheppard has just been given the toughest assignment of his career: securing the release of his boss’s pregnant wife. He’s uneasy negotiating a rescue without the involvement of the police, but with the life of a woman and her unborn child on the line there’s no time to play by the rules. He’ll have to work closely with the one woman who could prove to be a distraction…

Relentless Pursuit, a full-length novel, will be released on August 13.



Author: Adrienne Giordano


Adrienne is a co-founder of Romance University blog and Lady Jane’s Salon-Naperville, a reading series dedicated to romantic fiction.

For more information on Adrienne’s Private Protectors series please visit http://www.AdrienneGiordano.com.

Adrienne can also be found on Facebook at

Twitter athttp://twitter.com/AdriennGiordano.

Adrienne’s Website: http://adriennegiordano.com/

Adrienne’s Books are available at:

Barnes and Noblehttp://bit.ly/GHqrEdAdrienne’s Barnes & Noble Collection
Amazonhttp://amzn.to/L0Tori   /  Adrienne’s Amazon Collection

(7) Shirley McLain – Author of The Tower
and Dobyns Chronicles

Shirley McLain

Shirley McLain is the author of the exciting mystery, The Tower and the soon to be released historical fiction,
Dobyns Chronicles.

Shirley embraced her passion for writing after retiring from 32 years of nursing. Her debut novel, The Tower, is an exciting mystery with an Oklahoma backdrop. Shirley takes her readers on a journey involving kidnapping, smuggling, betrayal, environmental issues, illegal dumping, psychic connections, terrorism, and murder ….. around the world, from Tulsa Oklahoma to the Bhutan. It is a story of love and devotion, as well as retribution for crimes committed.

Shirley’s upcoming book, Dobyns Chronicles, is an historical fiction novel inspired by the life of Shirley’s great grandfather, Charlie Dobyn. Dobyns Chronicles brings to life the historical impact of the Yellow Fever outbreak that devastated the southern United States in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

Shirley is a wife, mother, and grandmother of six, living in Bristow, Oklahoma where she is enjoying retirement to the fullest. In addition to Dobyns Chronicles, she is currently working on multiple projects for publication. When Shirley isn’t writing she enjoys travel, adventure, reading, old movies and needle crafts.

To find out more about Shirley’s work go to:
Shirley’s author website:
Shirley’s Blog: http://www.shirley-mclain.net

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