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Windows 10:

The Ultimate User Guide, For Beginners to Experts


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Your purchase comes with a free report on Internet Security and how to protect your PC!

This thirteen chapter book is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide with detailed instructions and images showing you how to set up and customize your new Windows 10 operating system.


With this book you will learn how to:

– fully maximize using Cortana (the largest chapter in the book)
– configure the privacy and security settings (one of the primary concerns of Windows 10)
– utilize the secret Start Menu
– troubleshoot common problems that users are already experiencing with the new OS
– set up virtual desktops
– learn some all new keyboard shortcuts and when to use them

You will also read chapters on:

– Edge Web Browser
– Taskbar & Switcher
– Action Center
– Continuum
– OneDrive
– Phone Companion

After reading this book you will be able to confidently navigate all areas of the Windows 10 operating system while understanding how to configure and customize the features and settings to satisfy your personal needs.




FREEBIE: The 2014 Guide To Free PC Software

2014 Guide to Free PC softwareThe 2014 Guide To
Free PC Software:


Over 150 Superb Programs That Won’t Cost You A Single Penny!


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Over 150 tried and tested superb free software titles compiled in an easy to view Kindle guide.

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Also includes helpful advice on what to download and what not to download.



Free Kindle Book- Jan. 1st and 2nd – Become A Mac Ninja

FREE Kindle Book –
Jan 1st and 2nd


Become a Mac Ninja:
Essential Hacks, Shortcuts & Must Have Tools (Ebook & Videos)

by Jason Ward

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Become a Mac Ninja: Essential Hacks, Shortcuts & Must Have Tools

This is a book designed to save Mac users at least an hour a day in needless, time wasting tasks on your computer.

This book is short & to the point, but loaded with a whole lot of little known secrets to be the James Bond (or Trinity for the ladies) among Mac users. Within 24 hours of reading this book, your friends will be asking you “How do you do THAT?” While you run circles around their tired old mouse clicking.

Not only is this a book, but also video walkthroughs for those who learn more visually.