Commitment Questions: A grown folks guide to good Luv

Commitment Questions:

A grown folks guide to good Luv


REMOVE ALL UNCERTAINTY AND HAVE FUN IN THE PROCESS. How do you know you are not making a serious relationship mistake? If you are currently in a relationship and it is becoming serious what do you do? If you are in a long term relationship how do you know if they are still interested? If you ever wondered the answer to these questions and others like it this book is what you need. Need to know questions provide you with need to know answers. Do you know if your new lover has children? Do you know if your lover wants to be married or already is married? Commitment Questions: A grown folk guide to good luv will provide you real life answers to real life questions. Provide yourself answers to questions you have wondered about all along, After finishing this book you will have all of the answers to your most serious relationship questions.



About the Author:

Wayne Battle currently resides in Charlotte, N.C. His primary pastime consist of school homework, avoiding the gym, growing guppies, telling CoCo to fetch, riding with Muriel, and cookies at Nona’s or Chinese at Plaza Fiesta.  Your purchase will not only improve your chances of making sure you have a great relationship but will also help the author to pay for school.
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