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Get Clutter Free for Life
(This Weekend)


by Cary David Richards



99¢ SALE thru June 17th


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Get Clutter Free For Life (This Weekend): A minimalist manifesto for tidying up de-cluttering and organizing without pulling your hair out!


Why tidying up is a complete waste of time!
True minimalist living includes a clutter free environment and that means a paradigm shift along with a change of attitude and approach.

De-cluttering and organizing is not something you do every other Saturday morning and then forget about. Having a clutter free home is more than making a dump run and throwing out your stack of broken and unwanted “Stuff” that’s been collecting in the garage.

It starts with your relationship to your possessions and your environment. How you think about them and what they mean to you. It also means taking a good hard look at how you buy things, why you buy them and what happens to them after you own them.

Do you really need all of that “stuff”?

˃˃˃ If truly simplifying your life is what you’re after, you need to understand the techniques and strategies of de-cluttering

In his new book bestselling author Cary David Richards not only takes you through the steps of how to de-clutter and organize your environment but delves into the lifelong benefits, such as the ability to live with clarity and freedom, that such a paradigm shift can have.

˃˃˃ Clarity, the ability to breathe and a freedom that you didn’t know was possible are just some of the side effects of deciding to purge your life of all of the extraneous stuff that you’ve allowed to accumulate.

Cary David explains why you should only have things that you love and cherish in your environment. Things that speak to you and that provide fulfillment and productivity and why you should strongly consider removing anything that doesn’t fit those criteria.

A new, cleaner, freer lifestyle awaits…..




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DIY Cleaning & Organization

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Learn Hacks And Habits To Clean And Organize Your Home Room By Room

The home is where the heart is, and making sure it’s well taken care of and organized can not only lead to an easy to handle routine on a day to day basis, but also a healthy mind.

This book details every step to cleaning and organizing your living environment room by room. Using my DIY cleaning tactics and techniques, you will be able to ensure your home is immaculate and easy to maintain with a daily schedule and simple to follow cleaning and organization hacks and habits.

Making sure your home is spotless shouldn’t be expensive, what the average home owner doesn’t realize is that it doesn’t have to be. DIY Cleaning and Organizing uses primarily homemade cleaning solutions and supplies to clean surface stains that don’t revolve around the super expensive or harsh chemicals that other guides may suggest.

Organizing and cleaning your home shouldn’t take up all of the time in your day either, this book will help you build an easy to follow cleaning schedule that won’t get in the way of your life, using speed cleaning techniques that will enable you make your house clean and presentable from top to bottom within a matter of days.

10 Things You’ll Take Away After Reading “DIY Cleaning And Organization”

• An Easy to Refer to Guide on How to Clean Your Home yourself on a Budget.
• A full cleaning schedule to ensure you’re easily able to maintain your home without the work piling up.
• A Complete List of all the Cleaning Supplies That are Used Throughout the book + A Reminder of Their Uses.
• A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning and Organizing Your Entry Ways/Hall Ways.
• Efficient DIY Cleaning Techniques for Your Kitchen + Appliances.
• Organization & Cleaning Skills for Your Living Room.
• Home Style Guide to be Used During & After the Cleaning Process.
• DIY Methods to Clean and Organize Your Bedroom & Bathroom.
• A Section Dedicated to Keeping an Organized and Maintainable Home With Kids.
• Speed Cleaning Techniques and Organizing Hacks Throughout the Book.