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Wake Up The Word:

How to Hold On And Rise Higher When All Hell Breaks Loose”

By Dr. Tashion Macon



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In this new book series, Macon encourages Christians to invoke “Wake Up The Word” (WUTW) as a strategy for successful living. Tashion Macon, PhD, MBA is a spiritual psychologist, author, and expository bible teacher, who believes blessings are definitely part of the daily fabric of life.

“How to Hold On And Rise Higher When All Hell Breaks Loose” is the first book in the series and provides unwavering techniques for readers to follow for seven (7) days. The goal is to utilize the message as a compass to direct their consciousness, to transform their thought life, their language, and thereby their lives.

The focus of the series is centered around the parable found in Matthew 8:24-26 (NIV), where the disciples are in a storm and Christ is asleep on the boat and how when Christ (the Word) was awakened, He spoke to the storm and the strong winds and waves calmed down. This same power is available to all of us.

In “Wake Up The Word: How to Hold On And Rise Higher When All Hell Breaks Loose” Tashion Macon strives to make a traditionally daunting topic relatable and applicable, by imparting that there really is a spiritual solution for struggles, scenarios, and storms of life. The power of God and His Word is in you. This series is designed to assist in activating it.

The Apple and the Walled Garden


The Apple and the Walled Garden

The End Time is almost upon us; the Beast of the Apocalypse will soon walk the Earth. And when it comes, as is written and inevitable, you will not resist it. You shall, in fact, embrace it with arms wide open. For none has ever been able to speak to you its true name and nature.

Until now.


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About the Author: Adaiah Rishon

Born and raised a Muslim, his conscience could not accept the unjust nature of certain aspects of his religion forever. Quietly but constantly, his doubts gnawed at him. He turned his back on Islam and as a result lost his family and friends.

Adaiah-question-mkIn his anger, he renounced all forms of faith and took the title of Atheist. But even then he could not overcome the niggling mystery of existence, and so began his journey to Agnosticism and his eventual reconciliation with God. All was still not well in his life though. He was alone, without a job, and swiftly running down what little savings he had. But it is in our lowest moments that God reaches out to us in love. Having wandered a million avenues, his mind turned to thoughts of Jesus and just like that he was filled with a sense of hope again. He followed this feeling, reading the Bible and its commentaries in earnest.

Having finally accepted Christ into his life he was now at peace once more. His life began to noticeably improve. He continued his studies and found of particular interest the field of eschatology, the End Time.

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Spotlight on: Bestselling Author – Carol McCormick

Carol McCormick book

The Missing Piece

by Carol McCormick

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THE MISSING PIECE is not only a love story about a man who loves a woman, but is also a love story about a merciful God who loves mankind, even when he falls. The novel is an emotionally-charged journey of hope and redemption with a touch of spunk, a hint of humor, and a few twists along the way.

Engaging and inspiring!

The Missing Piece (Inspirational Love Story)
Christian Romance



Meet the Author –
Carol McCormick

Carol McCormickCarol began writing years ago after reading a ten-page story her grandmother wrote about growing up in the early 1900s. It was then that she began to write down her own stories to share with her daughters someday.

Later, she began to write as a way to draw herself and other people closer to the Lord. Carol writes for Christians to encourage them in their faith. She also writes for those who are unaware of God’s grace, to show them how to connect to Him in order to experience His love and goodness. Her writing is applicable to life with its direct, yet sensitive, and oftentimes humorous messages and lessons.

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Powerful Prayer to Protect and Bless Your Family

Lynda Brown-Powerful_prayer

Powerful Prayer to Protect &
Bless Your Family

(Trusting God Series)
by Lynda D. Brown

School shootings, workplace massacres, record foreclosures and job layoffs.What in the world is going on? We’re at war with a very old and crafty enemy. In this step by step guide you’ll learn how to have victory in every aspect of your life by using the “keys of the Kingdom” and the “weapons of our warfare” to defeat the enemy and live the abundant life Jesus died on the cross for us to have!

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Meet the Author –  Lynda D. Brown

Lynda D BrownAfter publishing her first non fiction title, Once I Was Lost, with a traditional publisher in 2006, author Lynda D. Brown decided to create her own independent publishing company and Spoken Word Press was born. In May 2010, Lynda published her first novel, Invisible Enemies, a supernatural thriller with a biblical message. While writing book one, her characters began to take on a life of their own, and Lynda decided to create a series based on the characters in the original book.

In August 2011, Seed of Satan: Leah’s Story, book two in the series was published.

In late October of 2010, Lynda created The Author Chat Show, an online podcast for self published authors to showcase their work. Currently the website has over one hundred and sixty members.

April 2012, Invisible Enemies and Seed of Satan were both on Amazon’s Best Sellers List for a couple of weeks.
Genres: Non-fiction religion/biblical teaching

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Book Launch: Baby Food, Digestible Concepts Book 1: Faith

In his book, Williams makes the compelling argument that what most of us think of as faith isn’t faith at all – and that is why it doesn’t work to bring about what we want in our lives.

What we typically do is desire something, envision it, perhaps pray for it, and hope our wishes and prayers bring about what we want. When they don’t, we say it just “wasn’t meant to be” or it “wasn’t God’s will.”

Hope, Williams argues, has nothing to do with getting what we want. Faith is not hope; it is absolute, 100% belief that exactly as God promised, that which we need or desire is already ours just by virtue of our asking for it. Be it a healed relationship, a financial fix, vibrant health, a new job, anything that does not violate God’s principles. Ask in true faith and it is instantly and immediately a reality!       CLICK HERE for Free Gifts with Book Launch.




Massa’s Back But Now He’s Black?


Profound Insight on Liberty, Spiritual Deceptions & Enslaving Influences 

Massa’s Back
but Now He’s Black?

The Spirit of Slavery has Returned to America
by J. Calvin Tibbs

This book is about the freedom found in the spirit of Jesus and the spirit of slavery at work against the United States. Satan masquerades himself in various forms in order to mask his presence. He pits people groups against one another and is described in this book as a Massa spirit. This invisible but real influence, shackles people thru evolving forms of bondage.

As a controlling spirit assigned to all races, every sector of humanity receives a disguised invitation for a limited partnership. Churches, civic groups & individuals are among the solicited. Governments are also infiltrated to facilitate the removal of liberties thru the exchange of assistance programs. The Massa’s strategy is so flawless it is often vehemently defended and celebrated by the very people it limits.

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Meet the Author:  J. Calvin Tibbs

J. Calvin Tibbs pastors a thriving church in Villa Rica, GA and broadcasts the message of the Kingdom on two two Atlanta radio stations.

The inspiration for writing this book came from hearing the Word’s fundamental transformation. “Those words just didn’t sound right”, said Tibbs who waited nearly four years to write the book.

“The country seemed to sway so easily in a new direction with very little information, that it made me think about the words of Jesus,” said Tibbs.

Matthew 24:23 (NKJV) “Then if anyone says to you, “Look, here is the Christ!’ or “There!’ do not believe it. 24. For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25. See, I have told you beforehand. “Christ’s warning, in this instance, was totally unheeded. What therefore might befall our nation when the stakes are at an Anti-Christ level?”

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Curing the incurable with spiritual power…..

Lifeline: One woman’s miraculous journey through an incurable disease

by Chidi M. Asika-Enahoro

When Chidi Asika-Enahoro was diagnosed with a deadly, incurable disease, she had a simple answer: “No thanks!” Thus began the battle of her lifetime, drawing on a wellspring of deep faith that combined Christianity, Light Healing, psychics, reiki, yoga and more. Today, during its official launch, a number of valuable free gifts are being given away with the purchase of her fascinating new book Lifeline. These gifts are worth FAR MORE than the price of the book!





Get Fit 4 Christ by Lyle Johnson

Get Fit 4 Christ

By Lyle Johnson

One of the most popular goals people set for themselves is to lose weight and to become more spiritual. Don’t give up on the aspirations to shed those unwanted pounds and become more refined. Personal trainer, Lyle Johnson, sets out to help people make both of these goals realities. Johnson motivates people to strengthen their spiritual and physical bodies in his book, Get Fit 4 Christ. The book empowers people to take charge of their lives and focus themselves through scripture, prayer and action.


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Meet the Author: Lyle Johnson

Lyle Johnson’s background in competitive athletics combined with his knowledge of personal fitness training make him a force in the fitness industry. Having personally trained hundreds of clients of all ages from all walks of life and with varying body types and abilities, Lyle really understands what most Americans are going through in the fight against fast food, limited time and the battle of the bulge.

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Releasing The Chains – by Lisa Gibson
How To Forgive Anyone For Anything

 Releasing The Chains

Timeless Wisdom On

How To Forgive Anyone For Anything

 by Lisa Gibson

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These are extraordinary stories of forgiveness. If they can forgive, can you? You are probably wondering, Have these people who have these extraordinary stories really mastered the art of forgiveness to such an extent that they can forgive anyone for anything? Is it possible to let go of the hurts and pains that we hold on to? If these questions apply to you, you are not alone. As author Lisa Gibson has traveled the world, sharing her story of forgiveness, the single biggest question she has been asked is ‘How do you forgive?’ This intriguing and inspirational book will show you the step-by-step process of how to forgive and the life-changing examples of others who have applied these principles to their lives. Even if you are thinking that no one knows what you have been through, delve into Lisa’s poignant book and be inspired. Discover how to forgive in order to release the chains in your own life.


About the Author: Lisa Gibson

Lisa Gibson is an attorney, global conflict coach, mediator, and founder and director of the Peace and Prosperity Alliance. She is the author of the award-winning book Life in Death: A Journey from Terrorism to Triumph and the audio series Learning to Forgive: Your Pathway to Inner Peace. In 2010, Lisa was given the distinguished honor of being chosen as one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans. Lisa has made guest appearances on CNN, BBC, MSNBC, Hour of Power, and countless others.

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Where Peaceful Waters Flow –
Words of Encouragement devotional


Where Peaceful Waters Flow

Words of Encouragement devotional

By Shearon Hurst

Where Peaceful Waters Flows devotional is filled with God’s loving words to us.  It is  written as if you are spending time at the Master’s feet, and He’s ministering to you with refreshing words of comfort to feed your weary and wounded soul. Words which will minister, restore and revive you. Words which will change your mourning into gladness, and your dark night into day.

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This devotional can be used during your quiet with the Lord as you sit with Him each day.  During that special time with the Lord where you shut out everything and everybody just so you can be in His presence. As you allow the Lord to come into your quiet conversation each and every day, your relationship with Him will grow stronger and stronger.

When you do this, you will find yourself handling things easier because you’ve spent time with Him first. You’ve given Him the  “first fruits” of your day. You see with the Lord it’s not about how much money you give; it’s about honoring God with your very best.  Honoring the Lord with the best you have to offer will enrich your life in a way in which you’ve never known all because you chose to honor Him with the first fruits of your day.


A Message from the author: Shearon Hurst

I was born in Leesburg, Florida. My writing ministry has been blessing people on the internet for over 10 years with words of encouragement which I send out to strengthen and comfort those in their walk with the Lord. 

I’ve been in the ministry for over 20 years. I have 4 wonderful (grown) children, and 6 beautiful grandchildren. I just released my second book entitled “Where Peaceful Waters Flow”, which is a devotional book. I am currently working on my third book “Lord, I’m Still Holding On, which is filled with inspirational stories about surviving through the storms of life. It should be released early next year. I am really excited about it, and I hope you will be too!

I studied Christian Counseling at Liberty University. I still live in Florida (although no longer in Leesburg) and when I am not busy with the ministry or writing, I’m trying out new dessert recipes (I love to bake), and listening to some good music.

I enjoy spending time with my family whenever possible (especially the grandchildren), and traveling with my daughters and my niece,I think they keep me young.”

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