A beautiful book for kids – Buddy and Bea

len Saunders - Buddy n Bea
Buddy and Bea

Life’s Amazing Lessons

“The story of a bud on a tree and a bird named Bea.”


By Len Saunders – an award winning author, motivational speaker in the fight against childhood obesity.

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Buddy and Bea is a gentle, caring, loving and inspirational story about the Circle of Life that will foster happy emotions. It is the tale of two friends named Buddy (the leaf) and Bea (the bird), and the special relationship they created. Buddy and Bea have a remarkable friendship, where the readers will adore and fall in love with them through their magical journey. Bea watches Buddy blossom from a tree branch, mature into a leaf, and grow old with beautiful colors until Buddy falls from the tree at the end of autumn.


The love and bond they share is something special. The main objective of this book is to educate children on life and loss in a non-threatening manner. Buddy and Bea is a heartwarming story that is simply enjoyable to read. A child does not need to experience loss to enjoy this uplifting story. Also, please be aware, there is no mention of the word ‘death’ in this book at all. It is just a warm and fuzzy story. Enjoy!




Ellie Gets a Will and Trust – FREE TODAY! – A book for Kids & Parents

Ellie Gets a Will and Trust:


Estate Planning (Little Lawyers)
by CPA/Attorney Quan Vuong


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This book teaches parents about the basics of estate planning ( wills and trusts ) in a manner that is also entertaining for their children. The story follows a little girl as she learns the importance of using a will and trust to plan for the distribution of her toys.

The Unicorn Adventures – The Candy Cane Crown

Illustration pastel colored a fairy kingdom

Books for Kids –
“Unicorn Adventures:
The Candy Cane Crown”


(Children’s Books, Kids Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids)
By Lindsey Scott


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The Candy Cane Crown
Its race day and all of the Unicorns in Sugar Grove are excited! All year they have been practicing for The Candy Cane Races. It was a fun race through the winding Candy Cane Forest and the winner always won a beautiful gold crown. This year, each Unicorn was looking forward to their shot at being crowned Champion of The Candy Cane Races.

Then, out of no where, trouble strikes! After the race, the Unicorns of Sugar Grove discover that the golden crown is mysteriously missing! Where did it go? Did someone take it? Can the Unicorns find the crown before it is time to crown the winner of the Candy Cane Race?!

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You’ve heard the story – Now discover the “truth” – Billy Plonka and the Grot Laboratory- Children’s Comedy

Ian Billings - Billy Plonka


by Ian Billings

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100% Unofficial Parody
Exclusive report on the shocking truth!!!! Exposed!! The final truth behind Ronald Daft’s best-selling book.

Join Spike Peecee, Victoria Scab, Orson Ploop, Viola Mudguard, Marley Suckett and, of course, Billy Plonka in Ian Billings’ hilarious comic parody




Free Kids Book – Skittles Birthday Surprise

Skittles Birthday Surprise!


(Skittles Adventures Book 1)
by Ansaar Modack


FREE thru Oct 18th.


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Your child’s imagination is the most active aspect of their life, and nothing seemingly compares when it comes down to reading them a book.

In this book, your child will be so caught up in the excitement and adventure of the story that your little one won’t ever want to put it down! Whether it may be bed time, or simply just an opportune time to sit down and share precious moments with your son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter, this book is exactly what you and your child will want.

As today is Skittle’s birthday, she is more than excited, and ready to celebrate. Looking forward to all of the birthday wishes that she expected to get from all of her friends, Skittles ends up running into a series of situations that she certainly did not expect to happen! All of her friends seem to be having a great deal of trouble with various types of problems. All of Skittle’s friends need help, and the only one available is Skittle’s herself, and it just so happens to be her birthday.

Although Skittles is expecting birthday wishes and presents, she becomes disappointed when her special day became a matter of helping all of her friends with their problems. So, what did Skittles decide to do when her friends needed her help? Does Skittles make the decision to deal with her friend’s problems on her very own birthday, or does Skittles decide to simply walk away from her friends in need? Find out inside of this book!

FREE Kids Book That Boosts Vocabulary

Roee Book Cover 1

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High Above Each Cloud


An Enchanting Children’s Book That Captivates PreSchoolers and Effortlessly Expands Comprehension and Vocabulary


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by Roee Anuar


Sun and Moon have started pouting, she is yelling, he is shouting,
both declare and both protest, “I’m the one who’s loved the best!”

Sun has made a bold attempt, “today, at last, I will not set.
I will shine all through the night, then you’ll see that I am right.
But if I am to be mistaken, with the stars I’ll find my haven.
The skies will have just one sole light, a lonely moon, a darkened bright.”

Roee Anuar’s debut book tells the tale of the sun and the moon, both trying to determine who is most preferred by the people of the earth, all with a language that respects children.



High Above Each Cloud

Roee Book Cover 1

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High Above Each Cloud


An Enchanting Children’s Book That Captivates PreSchoolers and Effortlessly Expands Comprehension and Vocabulary


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by Roee Anuar


Sun and Moon have started pouting, she is yelling, he is shouting,
both declare and both protest, “I’m the one who’s loved the best!”

Sun has made a bold attempt, “today, at last, I will not set.
I will shine all through the night, then you’ll see that I am right.
But if I am to be mistaken, with the stars I’ll find my haven.
The skies will have just one sole light, a lonely moon, a darkened bright.”

Roee Anuar’s debut book tells the tale of the sun and the moon, both trying to determine who is most preferred by the people of the earth, all with a language that respects children.


Meet the Author: Roee Anuar

Roee AnuarThis book was originally a gift for my 2 kids. I tried to use a rich language and encourage them to ask questions while listening to the story. To my surprise, it went better than I expected. My kids asked for the story again and again. At bedtime while reading the book, they started to remember more parts of it. Now they know the full story by heart. I want to share the joy of watching kids learn and add new words to their vocabulary. I hope you and your kids will enjoy it too.

About the Author
Roee is a father of two,  VP of science in a start-up company, and a PhD student at Tel-Aviv University. He was raised without a father – who died during army service. He and his two brothers were raised by a single mother who believed in educating her children with fun, always buying books, workbooks and riddle books – all with the goal to give her children an advantage in life. She succeeded. All 3 of her sons finished engineering school successfully. And now, Roee as a father of two with his debut book, continues to inspire parents and children to bond and learn with a captivating story.
Connect with Roee on Twitter or his Author Website

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Green Kitty – Stories My Grandma Still Remembers
A Children’s Book about Alzheimer’s

Alexandra Faer Bryan

Interview with:
Alexandra Faer Bryan

author of:

Green Kitty
Stories My Grandma Still Remembers

a Children’s Book about Alzheimer’s


Winner of a gold seal of excellence from
Mom’s Choice Awards!



alexandra green kittyInterview:

Tell us about your book?

Green Kitty-Stories My Grandma Still Remembers is full of true, heart warming and funny animal stories. The book was written to help children understand dementia in an entertaining manner. But it has been called a book for all ages and for anyone who loves animals. It just won a gold seal of excellence from the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards as well as placing as a finalist for both Book of the Year and International Book of the Year in children’s fiction.


What inspired you to write it?

Having grown up on a farm and being surrounded by animals all my life, I have collected many varied anecdotes about pets and other animals. But the inspiration to write the book came from working as a nurse in an assisted living facility and seeing so many children who didn’t know what was happening to their grandparents or how to respond to the their illness.


Have you always enjoyed writing?

Actually, I hate to write. English was my worst subject in school. But writing this work was a labor of love because of all the people that I know that are affected by dementia.


What type of work do you do?

I have been a registered nurse since 1978 and love being able to help people with their problems. There is a huge amount of joy in seeing that something that I did made someone’s life better.


Is this book related to your work in some way?

My book sneaks information about dementia into a book that children will want to read because of the amusing stories and to solve the mystery mentioned in the opening chapter.


What do you hope readers will “take away” from reading your book?

The “take away” from Green Kitty should be the feeling of family love and caring that the book expresses and tries to share.


Who do you think will benefit most from this book?

Families who are experiencing the trauma of life with someone with dementia or related memories issues are the ones that will receive the most from Green Kitty.


Who are you speaking to?

The intended audience for Green Kitty is both people who love animal stories and families dealing with elderly victims of memory problems.



About the author: Alexandra Faer Bryan

A mother, nurse and author who loves to read, Alexandra began writing in 1985. She has written three very different books since then: an instructional manual for a massage class, a nonfiction account of her nursing experiences, and this children’s book. Her fondest memories of being a young mother are of reading books out loud to her son. Dementia is a cause close to her heart because her mother and others in her family have suffered with the disease.



FREE Book – Celebrate Diversity in Children’s Books



A Day At The Zoo With My Family

A Charming Book by Marvin Simms
Celebrating Diversity & Mixed Race Families


FREE thru Jan 27th.

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A day at the zoo with my family is a book depicting an interracial family and their journey to the zoo for a fun family outing. Follow them on this rhythmic journey with all your favorite animals and more. The story was designed for children 0 – 5, but is a fun read for the whole family. Read it for fun time or bed time, either way everyone will enjoy a day at the zoo!


A Message from the author: Marvin Simms

Around the time my daughter was three years old I was reading to her when she blurted out “Daddy! How come our family is never in any of these books?” At that moment I didn’t understand what she meant or what she was referring to until she asked the same question again….

I wish I could tell you I had a great philosophical response that I broke down to a 3 year old’s understanding. But I didn’t, in fact it was exact opposite. I was flustered, the question hit me like a ton of bricks, I knew that one day we would have a conversation about why mommy is a little different than daddy but I certainly did not expect that conversation to happen when she was 3 years old. So instead I told her I would have to find some books that had our family in it and moved onto reading the story….READ MORE

Sir Pigglesworth brings mischief and mayhem to NYC!


New Interview with:

JoAnn Wagner
Creator of the

Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series

111-audioClick to Listen


Click HERE to Listen to our First Interview with JoAnn Wagner

JoAnn was born in New York state and grew up just outside of New York City with some years spent living in Manhattan. She spent 20 years upstate in Kingston, NY before moving to Mesquite, TX, a suburb of Dallas, in 1986. JoAnn is married, and between her and her husband they have 5 wonderful children and 6 beautiful, rambunctious grandchildren. She and her husband Bill recently retired.

LOGO-1JoAnn is the creator of The “Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventure Series” which first came about when JoAnn’s church gave out a flying pig stress ball for the congregation to take around with them over the summer and post pictures on Facebook. Everywhere she went people smiled and laughed and were excited to have their picture taken with Sir Pigglesworth, as she dubbed the pig. The idea slowly blossomed until it became clear that Sir Pigglesworth’s adventures needed to be shared with children around the world.


About Sir Pigglesworth

With a mission to share smiles around the world, young Sir Pigglesworth is inspiring a whole new generation of children, parents and educators. Sir Pigglesworth is the five year old star of a charming new adventure series. He is an adorable and lovable young piglet who travels around the world exploring new places and learning about the culture of each country and city he visits. And the excitement is just getting started!



Sir Pigglesworth’s Latest Adventure:
New York City

The “city that never sleeps” is in for a rude awakening! Sir Pigglesworth brings mischief and mayhem to the Big Apple. The excitement continues in this beloved new children’s adventure series, as Sir Pigglesworth tackles new adventures that expose the magic and allure of New York City.






Book 1 introduces readers to Sir Pigglesworth and his new friends who accompany him on his first few excursions. He “misplaces” his parents in London and ends up lost in Texas.
Book 2 launches this month with Sir Pigglesworth on the hunt to find his parents in Vancouver, BC in Canada. Several fascinating adventures are on deck that includes Paris, Dublin, Chicago, and much more!


Children, Parents and Teachers can look forward to a steady stream of adventure, fun and snorting thanks to the creative and committed vision of series creator JoAnn Wagner. New adventures are scheduled for release every other month in 7 languages and each release is preceded by a FREE Sir Pigglesworth coloring book.


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