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Here’s a Great Tool to Prevent Germ Sharing

Teresa Korenstein-Barry Booger
Barry Booger’s Big Ride:
A Booger’s Ride to the Outside

By Teresa Korenstein


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“An awesome tool to teach kids how to avoid spreading germs!”

“This is an amazing resource (that teaches kids how to reduce germ sharing) disguised as a hilariously entertaining adventure”

“Your Kid’s will love to copy Barry Booger’s Big Ride to the Outside…and that’s a good thing for basic illness prevention!”



I wish this book was mandatory reading at every preschool. Every time I see my kids’ preschool classes, there is a child with a finger in his nose or mouth. Kids are naturally curious and they explore their noses and the contents inside, but, unfortunately, this leads to some very unsanitary habits. This is the story of Barry, a Booger, who yearns for a tissue. Barry catches germs inside your nose and when it’s time, he hopes you’ll blow your nose and send him on the Big Boogie Ride.

The Big Boogie Ride is like a roller coaster your boogies ride on when you blow your nose. They love it! Barry knows that some people pick their Boogers with their fingers and don’t send them on the Big Boogie Ride. He witnesses this happening to his good friend Bridget. Barry’s story educates the reader about the function of Boogers. It is also a fun narrative that motivates children to reach for tissues and blow their noses and thereby send Barry on the Big Booger Ride.

Now when a child feels his nose running, he knows it’s Barry, ready and waiting to go on the Big Boogie Ride! What a fun and sanitary option for our kids.




Mystic – the first children’s fantasy novel whose main character uses a wheelchair

kd rausin Mystic


by K. D. Rausin

the first children’s fantasy novel whose
main character uses a wheelchair
Middle Grade Fantasy


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Paralyzed and using a wheelchair, Amelia Dean is alone in the world with the exception of her best friend, Greg. During a trip with Greg and his Grandma K, a strange accident transports them to a world full of odd creatures and a lion-man named Winston. However, none of that is as important as the fact that in Mystic… she’s healed. But when Greg is captured by the nefarious wizard Ralient, it’s up to Amelia to save him. On her amazing journey, she learns the secret to who she really is and that her true strength was inside her the whole time, wheelchair or not. Newly walking and with the shocking knowledge of her true heritage, Amelia soon discovers that being like most kids isn’t what she really wanted… or is it? Mystic is an exciting new fantasy novel that transports readers to a wondrously inventive world, full of strange and enticing creatures. With a heroine who is just trying to learn to live her life while using a wheelchair, her amazing journey to Mystic will give her what she wants most… the ability to walk again. With an emphasis on friendship, inner strength, and overcoming any adversity that comes your way, this engrossing novel shows young readers that with the right mindset, they can do anything….Click Here for More.


About the Author:  K.D. Rausin

kd Rausin picAuthor K. D. Rausin is a teacher living in Cape Coral, Florida. She is a wife and mother of two. After her daughter was paralyzed in a car accident at the age of ten, K. D. Rausin’s focus shifted to teaching her daughter to chase her dreams, wheelchair or no wheelchair, and that her strength comes from within. Six years ago, she attended a writing workshop and was inspired to try her hand at children’s fantasies. Mystic has been edited under the guidance of Emma D. Dryden of drydenbks LLC; author and editor have worked diligently towards the ultimate goal of having this book in the hands of children everywhere.

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Amazing Author & Champion for Children – Ebony Moore

Meet Author: Ebony Moore

Empowering Children with Valuable Life Skills

Ebony Moore is an author/illustrator with over 40 titles in print. Moore developed a love for writing and illustrating when she was five years old and has been writing every since that time. Moore has created books in a variety of genres.

After experiencing financial crisis that led to homelessness, she was inspired to publish her first novel, “In the Fire, the Beginning”, in 2006, a fictitious account of an African American family’s struggle to survive and overcome various trials and tribulations.

Growing up in an impoverished community and broken home inspired Moore to pour into the lives of both children and parents. In 2007, Moore wrote and illustrated “It Is Not Polite To Be A Bully” , ”When I Am Sad,”  “When I Believe,” “When My Parents Argue” and “My Favorite Color Is…”

Her desire to help make a difference in the lives of children was still unsatisfied, so In 2008, Moore concluded a series of children’s books called “The Mya Collection” which includes “Earning and Saving Money”, “Fire Safety With Roy” , “Mya Meets Barack Obama” , “Grandma’s House” , “I Can Be” , “When I Am Adopted” , “When I Told A Lie” , “This Is The Way We Count To Ten” , “The Book Of ABC’s” , “The Books Of Shapes” and “The Book Of Numbers.”

After suffering from sensorineural hearing loss in her right ear, bed-ridden and recovering from a stroke that affected an auditory nerve on the right side of her brain, her inspiration only grew stronger, pushing Moore to birth “The Learning Life Skills With Mya Character Education Series”, a series of 19 books designed to aid parents and teachers in delivering life skills to preschool and elementary children.

Having unlocked the shackles of poverty, Moore longed to persuade and encourage others to overcome similar situations. In 2011, she wrote an empowering self-help spiritual book called “The Time Is Now: Activating Kingdom Wealth In Your Life” which motivates and helps people of all ages discover purpose and propel into their divine destiny. She readily attributes all her success to God who is the source of all her resources.

Concerned about children’s safety during the massive tornadoes that hit the United States in 2012, Moore also created “Tornado Safety With Roy.” And Moore is responsible for the creation of Mya Kids, LLC (, a global provider of children books and the creator of the cartoon character “MYA.” Moore is also founder of The Mya Foundation, a foundation that promotes literacy and provides learning resources for economically distressed children.

Some of Ebony Moore’s books:

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Keeping Up With Kenna – A True Story About the fourth smallest surviving preemie in the world

Keeping Up With Kenna

A True Story by Nicole Andrews Moore
About the fourth smallest surviving preemie in the world


Kenna was born January 9, 2012 weighing in at a meager 9.9 ounces. She was born sixteen weeks too soon. After spending 183 days in the NICU, she is finally home. She is the fourth smallest surviving preemie in the world. This is our story of hope, finding happiness in unlikely places, and making the best of the life we have.

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See what Love and Faith can do……




Meet the Supermodel Kenna:


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