Mr. Woo’s Adventure by Lisa Arnold & Haley Sloan


 Mr. Woo’s Adventure

 by Lisa Arnold & Haley Sloan

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*New! Expanded Story and Vivid New Illustrations!

Deep in the countryside, past the city limit signs, lived a little piglet and he was one of nine.

Come along with Mr. Woo as he learns that the world is really bigger than he expected!

Mr. Woo is a curious but lucky piglet. One day, he decides to sneak away and have his own adventure over by the pond. He looses track of time and gets sleepy. When he wakes up, it’s dark!

Frightened, he runs in the dark, moving further and further from his home. How will he ever get home again to his mother and nine brothers and sisters?

As his mother is frantic with worry, Mr. Woo is worried he won’t be able to get home. When the morning arrives he is faced with the dilemma of how to go home. With no directions, he sets out on his own path, meeting some animal friends along the way.

Young authors Lisa Arnold (age 11) and Haley Sloan (age 13) have created a lovable character in Mr. Woo. Illustrated by Lisa Arnold.



Nobody Can Take My Happy Away


Nobody Can Take My Happy Away

 by Jessica Arnold


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A book with a positive message about bullying written for kids (and adults too) by a kid!

Emily is the new girl at school. She learns quickly that her first day at a new school isn’t going to go the way she expected. She gets teased about her appearance among other things. At first, Emily thinks that there is something wrong with her, and wonders if there is something she can fix about herself to get the other kids to stop teasing. She soon learns that the problem isn’t her, it’s them. Together with some new friends that she initially overlooks due to her worries, they bring about change at their school with confidence, communication and teamwork.

This book is written by Jessica Arnold, the author of “I am Good at Lots of Things” and “Hello My Name is Rose and this is My Christmas Story”

“Nobody Can Take My Happy Away” is inspired by her own real experiences. Jessica communicates her feelings with this story about how she got her “happy” back and her confidence.


Meet Author: Almney King


Introducing a Young Author with a Fresh Voice

Almney King


almney_kingAlmney King was born in St. Peters Missouri.  Her hobbies include theater, photography, and writing novels as well as poetry. Since the age of thirteen, she has kept busy writing everything from prose to poetry.  At age sixteen Almney made her debut as a professional writer with the release of her poetry book, “The Valley of Anchor.”  She wrote each poem in a fashion that is both understandable and relatable to a wide variety of audiences. Each poem also has its own theme, but together they convey a fusion of hope, optimism, reality, and a bit of imagination.

In addition to this, Almney hopes to strike inspiration in the hearts of those who read her work. It is her dream for that inspiration to bring about many actions that will bring forth an opportunistic future. She continues to write poetry for future books. She also continues to work hard on her first novel, which will be a science fiction adventure trilogy.  Hold on to your seats!!! 

Coming in the SPRING 2014 – The first book of the Trilogy.



Explore the debut Poetry Book of
this up and coming Teen Author:

The Valley of Anchor

almney_king- PoetryBkAt the age of sixteen, author Almney King makes her debut with the release of her book titled “The Valley of Anchor.” She wrote her poems in a fashion that is understandable and relatable to a wide variety of audiences. Each poem has its own theme, but together they convey a fuse of hope, optimism, reality, and a bit of imagination. Almney also hopes to strike inspiration in the hearts of those who read her work. It is her dream for that inspiration to bring about the actions that will bring forth an opportunistic future.

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Coming Spring 2014 –

Almney’s Adventure Fiction Debut






Empower Your Kids with: Yoga Basics for Kidz

Yoga Basics for Kidz

Are you looking for a way to connect with your kids?  Do you wish there was something you could do to get the kids in your life to try, maybe even like, yoga?  Now there is.  With Yoga Basics for Kidz you are introduced to the absolute best way to share yoga with the kids in your life.

Written by a teenager who has used yoga to get through the good and the bad, this book is easy to understand, non-threatening, and even a bit fun.  Hailed by yoga teachers as being “easy to understand” and “a great way to write about yoga” it is a must have in your library.

Whether you work with kids in schools, day care centers, yoga studios, or at home this book is guaranteed to help you find interesting and fun ways to introduce yoga poses and postures to the kids in your life.

This book has over a dozen illustrated poses, complete with descriptions written in language even the youngest kids can understand.  She even included an FAQ section, glossary, and a couple of really cool tracking sheets in the back for kids to use to see if they’re making progress.


About the Author:  Hannah Hoobyar

Hannah, otherwise known as Yoga Bear, has been an active child her entire life. After some traumatic experiences in her young childhood Hannah turned to Yoga as a way to help calm herself and deal with the stresses of life. If it weren’t for yoga Hannah would have had a much more difficult time getting through some of her challenges. Moving forward as she grew and matured she found yoga offered her a calmness in the face of daily challenges of being a kid…friends, school, homework, etc. She often uses yoga to calm herself before a test, to stay in control of her emotions throughout the trials and tribulations of middle school, and to keep her body in top shape for her competitive dance.
People who know her consider her to possess a unique energy that draws others in. Her personality is infectious, she can make you smile just by sharing a room with you. Her heart is very giving, and it is that giving nature that drives her to create her website and share yoga with others. She hopes to create a DVD of some basic yoga that she used when she was young and share that with other young children who are dealing with traumatic issues in their lives.  Yoga has changed her life and she is hoping to share that with others.


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Twitter ID- @yogaforkidz



12 Year Old Author Delivers a Thrilling
Young Adult Murder Mystery

A Young Adult Mystery Thriller

Isabelle Holloway is not your average teen. As if being reincarnated and having confusing flashbacks about her past isn’t enough. Now her boyfriend Erik is back from her life in the 1800s. Not to mention the man who murdered her has returned to seek his vengeance. Even though her friends want to catch the killer, Isabelle can’t trust anyone. Can they stop him, or will they fail?


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Introducing Kyla LoPresti

Kyla LoPresti

Kyla LoPresti is an amazing 13 year old author. She launched her publishing career with this exciting supernatural thriller, written while she was 12 years old. And she is just getting started. Kyla is working on the finishing touches for two additional books: Book two of the “Flashback Series” and a new novel, “Love Bites.”

Despite being a busy and successful Middle Schooler, Kyla finds time to mentor “younger” children and her peers to follow their dreams, regardless of age. This talented role model finds time to write daily. Likely she is working on another Amazon BestSeller.

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Book Launch News: Debut Children’s Book by
12 year old author, Jessica Joyce

We are pleased to announce the debut Children’s story by
12 year old author, Jessica Joyce. Join us in supporting this young writer’s passion for storytelling.

Jessica Joyce

In this adorable children’s myth, we embark on a story of love, family and nature…told in a mythological style. Also, embedded within this beautiful children’s tale is a mini Japanese language lesson.

In this tale, readers (and young listeners) depart on an adventure with “The Seven Daughters” and inadvertently discover a mythological explanation for the creation of rainbows. But more importantly, young readers learn that when siblings care for each other and work together…..beautiful things happen.

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