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Just the Right Dose:

Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs &
How to Take Them Safely

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Marijke Vroomen Durning, RN, lives in Montreal, Canada. She has been a nurse since 1983, and writing and editing health information since the mid-1990s. Over the course of her career as a nurse, Marijke has given out thousands of doses of medicine and answered many drug-related questions from patients and their relatives. She enjoys writing patient education information to help people understand their medical and health conditions. She often tells clients that writing health information is like the patient teaching that nurses want to do, but often don’t have the time for in the hospital setting.

Marijke also has experience with prescription medications on a personal level, for herself and for her own children when they were young. She clearly remembers a few incidents when errors had been made by people prescribing the drugs and in one case, dispensing them. Her knowledge caught the mistakes before harm could be done.

Now a health writer, Marijke has written for online and print outlets, such as Costco Connection,, Nursing 2013, HealthDay News, and more.  Marijke is the author of the new book:

Just the Right Dose:
Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely

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About the Book:

Marijke -Just The Right DoseIn Just the Right Dose: Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely, you’ll find answers to the most common questions about over-the-counter and prescription medications, as well as tips on topics such as:

  • Understanding your prescription
  • Why it’s important to follow the directions,
  • What types of pills you should never break or chew, and why
  • The most common types of medicines (such as cream, suppositories, injections)
  • Remembering to take your medications
  • Swallowing that pill or capsule
  • Getting rid of unused drugs
  • And more!

Taking medicines is a daily ritual for many people. Others rarely fill a prescription or take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Whichever category you fall into, it’s important to understand what drugs you’re taking or giving to someone else. From what may seem like secret codes on prescriptions to what to do if you have side effects, there can be many questions about the medications.

When I worked as a nurse, I learned that many people weren’t familiar with their prescription drugs. Some didn’t know the names, others didn’t know the dosages. It wasn’t unusual for a patient or a family member to hand over one pill bottle with several types of pills in it.

Not understanding prescription drugs can put you or someone you care for at risk. This short, easy-to-understand book explains the basics of prescription medicines, along with many tips on how to deal with them. Connect with Marijke and her new book at:

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“Just the Right Dose” is just the right remedy for medication misunderstandings and mistakes. It’s the answer to all those “little” questions we didn’t think to ask our doctors or didn’t think were important enough to bother our pharmacists about when we’ve picked up prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines.
– Peggy J. Noonan [], journalist


This book provides just the right dose of reason and rationale, and reminds us that medications aren’t to be played with, but are to be respected. “Just The Right Dose” is required reading for those of us who want to safely manage this important aspect of our own healthcare.
– Stephanie Stephens – Journalist, Content Producer, Host


A Poignant Guide for Caregivers: Moving Mama


Moving Mama:

Taking Care of Mother During her Final Years with Alzheimer’s

by Anne Hays Egan


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Health, Aging, Elder Care

Readers and reviewers have called this book something that “at its core, speaks of hope, despite all of the challenges that Alzheimer’s presents.”  Reviewers have called it “compelling,” “informational,” and “a real page turner.”


Alzheimer’s disease is affecting more and more families, and the impact can be staggering. Most of us need help along the way. And, at holiday time, people caring for an elderly loved one need extra support. This holiday season, think about giving a little help in the form of a book called a “must read for caregivers.” This book is Moving Mama: Taking Care of Mother During her Final Years with Alzheimer’s. Moving Mama has received rave reviews, and has been called one of the best, most practical resources to come along in a good while.  Frank, captivating, sometimes hard-hitting, witty, often wry or downright funny, and always helpful, the stories are compelling. The book includes stories about how the family dealt with finances, wills, finding caregivers, personal care, handling memory loss, moving, Sundowner’s and more. And helpful resources are included as well. Moving Mama can be a wonderful aid to people who know who are dealing with the stress of caregiving.


About the Author: Anne Hays Egan

Anne_Hays_EganAnne Hays Egan brings significant expertise to this book as a health planning consultant . She has worked extensively with community and regional health planning, and has helped organizations and communities develop effective services for families and older adults.  Anne is also known as a researcher and writer in the field, and has published widely on topics related to community health, older adults, nonprofit organizations, public policy and nonprofits, and building effective programs and services. She was the publisher of The Digest of Nonprofit Management; contributing author to Social Policy & Aging, Carroll L. Estes, ed.; and is an EzineArticles expert author. Anne lived in shared housing with Maggie Kuhn, the founder of the Gray Panthers, who was one of her models and mentors. She is a retired Presbyterian minister who loves to travel and play violin with chamber groups.

Anne provides information and resources through her website,

Connect with Anne on Twitter and Facebook.