Essential Oils and Cancer –
How To Confuse And Kill Cancer Cells

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Essential Oils And Cancer:

How To Effectively Use The Right Essential Oils To Confuse And Kill Cancer Cells (Book 1)

by Nancy Dennett Ducharme

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Essential oils have been used for centuries to help support the immune system and bring the body back to health. This first book in the Essential Oils And Cancer series shows step by step exactly how to use essential oils to fight cancer. Learn how to prepare and use the compounds in two specific plant species to attack and destroy abnormal cells and cell mutations that have grown out of control.
Learn which combinations of essential oils to use with breast cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, according to latest scientific research.



The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook

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More About the Book

Julie Joyce (the Executive Producer and Host of Cancer Free Radio) has compiled this important book featuring over 123 “CANCER FIGHTERS” to help you and your family to Boost your defenses against cancer.

Cancer Fighters are foods, activities and behaviors that help to eradicate abnormal cells from the body while nurturing your immune system to enable healthy cells to flourish.

1 in 3 people in the United States will get Cancer in their lifetime. CANCER FREE 123 is a priceless guide to help you to protect you and your family from being part of that statistic.

And for Cancer Survivors, this book gives you critical guidance to help you to improve your health and enhance your recovery.




Inez Whitehead-Dickens – The Cancer Kickin Warrior

Inez Whitehead-Dickens

The Cancer Kickin Warrior


Inez Whitehead-Dickens (AA Liberal arts,BS Psychology. ) is an 11 yr stage IIIB breast cancer survivor. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she looked for someone, like herself…. in an advanced stage of cancer; but to no avail. She thought the worst! She promised God if He pulled her through; she would become a voice of hope for all cancer survivors.




She kept her promise. She wrote an uplifting book called Cancer Kickin Warrior-the ultimate feel good cancer survivor book. In it she reveals true stories (including her own) of people who have survived all stages and types of cancer. Inez also writes a column for The Catskill Daily Mail and The Register Star and does motivational speaking. In Inez’s own words, “What is the point of surviving; if you’re not going to live!” She wants anyone diagnosed with cancer to not just become a survivor; but a Cancer Kickin Warrior. To learn more about Inez and her inspiring work, go to:





Book Launch: Last Summer with Oscar


You don’t have to own a dog or know someone who has battled cancer to be fascinated by a new book launching today, with free bonus gifts. “Last Summer with Oscar” recounts the amazing tale of a golden retriever who sparked an adventure in natural healing when he began eating herbs in the woods – impacting veterinary science forever!

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(8) Dr. Shawn and Sandy Messonnier – Helping Women to Make the “Breast Choices” for Breast Health

Dr. Shawn & Sandy Messonnier

Shawn Messonnier, Dr. of Veterinary Medicine, is the author of numerous books on natural pet care including the award-winning The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats. He is also the host of the award-winning radio show on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius/XM 110, He is: “Dr. Shawn-The Natural Vet.” While Utilizing a holistic approach in his practice, he teaches pet owners how to keep their pets healthy and reduce and treat illness using natural therapies. Although Dr. Shawn has been a notable authority for holistic healing for man’s best friends, he is now emerging as a healing resource for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Last year, Dr. Shawn’s wife, Sandy received startling news when she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Out of a desire to treat Sandy as naturally as possible, Dr. Shawn launched a research effort to gather the facts that enabled Sandy to make the best choices for her own individualized treatment. Dr. Shawn’s research is now shared to help other women, in his new book:

Breast Choices for the Best Chances:
Your Breasts, Your Life, and How You Can Win the Battle!

This book is about empowering women with breast cancer to make the best choices for their health. The book presents a number of options, many natural, that aren’t always given by conventional cancer doctors. In short, the book presents women with numerous scientifically proven alternatives for the treatment of breast cancer.

For more information about Dr. Shawn’s work
and this new book, go to:

(5) Kevin Davison –
Author of the Athyxian Chronicles and Wrath

Kevin Davison

Kevin Davison is an inspiring author. He is also a childhood cancer survivor.  Kevin conquered epilepsy as well as cancer and now as an adult pursues his passion as a successful fiction writer.

Kevin is the author of an on-going fantasy/adventure series, “Athyxian Chronicles” as well as a stand-alone psychological thriller titled, “Wrath.”  There are currently three books in the Athyxian fantasy/adventure series: “Reign of Viscus,” “Minions of the Servant,” and “An Assassin’s Revenge.”

Kevin has been cancer free for over 25 years and has created a campaign called “Write for a Cause” whereby a portion of his proceeds from his book sales are donated to charity.

For more information about Kevin’s Books go to:
Kevin’s Books on Amazon

Listen to Kevin’s interview on Cancer Free Radio.