Authors – REUTS Publications is Accepting Submissions!




Simply put: we’re authors. Our team has firsthand experience publishing with traditional publishers. We understand the processes and expectations, and we’re ready to step into those shoes. With this insight and our unique educational backgrounds, we hope to establish a new relationship between authors and their publishers.

Join the movement – Get REUTED in a good book.

We are currently working on our collection of titles, and are accepting submissions. We are currently accepting submissions for YA-Young Adult / NA-New Adult completed manuscripts.

REUTS aims to help those authors who have a fantastic story on their hands, but haven’t heard back from the agents or publishers they’ve queried. We also aim to help those authors considering self-publishing that don’t have the funds to hire designers and editors. However, this does not mean we’ll accept every submission that comes across our table.

REUTS will never charge you to publish your title (those are called vanity presses, and we’re not one of them), and we maintain above industry standard royalties. Our team isn’t in this business to get rich. We want the profits to go back to you, the authors– you put the long nights and hard work into the story, you deserve to reap the benefits.

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P.S.  There is also an awesome giveaway on our Facebook page where two fans will win a full-manuscript critique by a REUTS Senior Editor, and a print-ready, custom book cover by REUTS Creative Director.