The Employee Millionaire – Must Read!

The Employee Millionaire – Personal Workbook: How to Use Your Day Job to Become a Millionaire with Rental Properties

A No-nonsense real estate investment workbook for the employee side hustler tired of the 9-5 looking for a practical step-by-step process to build wealth while they work

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In 2008, thousands of people lost their jobs…

For H.J. Chammas, it was a wake up call to escape the financial uncertainty of a paycheck to paycheck struggle of being an employee…

It was time for Chammas time to take charge of his life…

Chammas, took charge of an uncertain financial future by investing in rental properties while he was still working…

He soon ditched the day job and went from employee to millionaire real estate investor.

In this workbook he brings you the step-by-step processes he used to build his investment property fortune, while working!

How Can This Workbook Help Me?

In this detailed workbook you’ll work through step-by-step processes to plan your real estate investing strategy.

Learn how to:

– evaluate the current state of your finances;
– overcome limiting beliefs about money and investing;
– set personal objectives to achieve financial freedom; and
– think and operate like a seasoned real estate investor.

How Is This Book Different

If you plan on buying, owning, and managing rental properties, you’ll get a practical step-by-step plan that you wont find in other books.

From identifying and closing deals, getting approved for loans, renting out properties, dealing with tenants, and capitalizing on opportunities, this book will challenge how you’ve always looked at life, finances, investments, and real estate.

Every other book out there is for those already with experience in real estate investing…

This book is different because it will give you all the steps you need, regardless, if this is the first time you’ve considered buying an investment property, or you have just considered rental property investing as a way to build wealth.

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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Break It Down Brown:
Change Your Perspective,
Change Your Life

by JaMarr Brown


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Every major accomplishment, achievement or breakthrough started with one simple thought that turned into inspired action. Break It Down Brown Volume One takes that concept and provides 15 simple and thought provoking ideas designed to stir a shift in your perspective that can lead to a life changing breakthrough. In an entertaining, real-world and conversational style, you will learn the deeper meaning and lessons from the everyday life issues, challenges and experiences that we all go thru. As you change your perspective, you will unlock the ideas that can change your life!


Meet the Author – JaMarr Brown

JaMarr Brown is the founder of the Selling in Color personality profile sales and communication training system and the creator of the “Break It Down Brown” personal development programs. JaMarr’s passion is to be a guidepost and bridge to help others identify what is holding them back from reaching their full potential, find their purpose and live the life they were meant to live. He has inspired thousands of individuals through his inspirational talks, keynotes, webinars, seminars and 1:1 coaching.

He has also written two highly acclaimed books: What’s Your Sales Story? Which chronicles his experience of going from nearly getting fired to Sales Person of The Year and his anti-bullying Children’s book, “Your Ugly,” which is designed to help children conquer the effects of verbal bullying through building confidence and self-esteem.


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Unlimited Motivation – Get Your Free Copy Now!

Dominic Mann unltd motivation


Unlimited Motivation:


How to Stay Motivated, Be Productive, and Stop Procrastinating (How to Motivate Yourself, Stop Being Lazy, and Kill Procrastination)


FREE thru Sept 1st.


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Hate feeling lazy and unmotivated? Wish you could conquer laziness and stop procrastinating? Want to be productive, achieve success, and feel great?

What if you could unlock unlimited motivation and conquer your goals?

Unlimited Motivation teaches you one of life’s most important skills. A skill that can mean the difference between achieving success and settling for “good enough” — the ability to master your motivation and state of mind.


By the time you’ve finished reading Unlimited Motivation, you’ll know exactly how to get yourself super pumped, stay motivated, and smash through all your work while feeling great.

The science of motivation.


Discover the scientific studies that reveal exactly how motivation works. Learn the powerful hacks, easy habits, and proven techniques that enable you to unlock virtually unlimited motivation.

How will you learn to skyrocket your motivation?


The Harvard study that reveals how to boost motivation and eliminate stress — in less than 60 seconds!
How to develop a “Kickstarter Routine” to replenish willpower and energy levels.
The ancient philosophy that enabled everybody from slaves to Roman Emperors to overcome obstacles and unlock motivation — just with their mindset.
The motivation hack that enabled Muhammad Ali to become the greatest boxer of all time.

And more!

Unlock unlimited motivation and soar to success. Feel great, do great, be great.

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FREE Book – DropShipping BluePrint

jonas - m williams -dropship


The Ultimate Dropshipping BLUEPRINT Made Simple – Find, Launch, And Sell Your First Private-Label Product


FREE July 29 – Aug 1


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Dropshipping: The Ultimate Dropshipping BLUEPRINT Made Simple – Find, Launch, And Sell Your First Private-Label Product (Dropshipping, Dropshipping For … With Amazon, Dropshipping Suppliers)

In Dropshipping: The Ultimate Dropshipping BLUEPRINT Made Simple–Find, Launch, and Sell Your First Private-Label, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to getting your business off the ground and out the door. By utilizing dropshipping you can maximize your profits and streamline your shipping needs.

Here’s what to expect in the guide:

  • What dropshipping is
  • Finding a profitable product
  • Creating your online store
  • The Ins-and-Outs of a product launch
  • Finding the right suppliers
  • Setting up a long-term promotional plan
  • Identifying common mistakes and how to avoid making them
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Streamline your business processes
  • Boost your sales and maximize your profits
  • And much, much more!

If you’re ready to commit to your business and its future profitability, then this guide is for you. With clear, detailed instruction that leads you from the conception of your business to its long-term processes, business maven and world-class consultant Michelle Williams has outlined the perfect guide to dropshipping and how you can make it work for you.

Make your money work for you and grab a copy of Dropshipping: The Ultimate Dropshipping BLUEPRINT Made Simple–Find, Launch, and Sell Your First Private-Label today!



The Discipline Manifesto – Grab a FREE Copy!

Julio Lara - The - Discipline Manifesto
The Discipline Manifesto:

Conquering Procrastination and
Harnessing Willpower in 5 Steps!

By Julio Lara


FREE July 26 – 30


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The Discipline Manifesto and take control of your actions TODAY!

Beat procrastination for good and achieve the results of a productive but enjoyable life! (Yes, that is possible!) Learn to harness willpower to your advantage!

The key is not working harder, but working smarter

Mastery self-discipline is one of the most powerful skills we can acquire, yet so many people struggle with discipline every day, and for years.

A different approach to achieve different [and better] results

Most authors that have written about self-discipline will tell you that you should take action despite the negative emotions associated with a particular goal; that you should force yourself to go to the gym even when you don’t really enjoy it.

Even while this approach might yield results for a limited period of time, the results do not last and we end up back at square one; or even worse, completely demotivated about our goals or our ability to make our dreams come true.

The path to self-discipline as a habit is not by forcing ourselves to do what displeases us, but by understanding the reasons behind our emotions and modifying our beliefs in order to feel differently about the actions that need to be taken to achieve our goals.

The Five Principles of Discipline
The first step to master self-discipline is understanding what discipline really is, and we can do so by learning the five principles of discipline.

Allow Yourself to be Guided
The Discipline Manifesto will become a guide for introspection and challenging the negative beliefs you might unconsciously hold, allowing you to become the master of your will!

FREE Book: Positive Leadership & Change

Marcella Bremer - Positive Change

Positive Leadership & Change –


leadership articles that help you make a difference: Collection 1
by Marcella Bremer


FREE May 19 – 23


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Would you like a vibrant, energized workplace, engaged coworkers, and empowered employees?
“Positive Leadership, Culture & Change, collection 1” helps you to make a difference and amplify your positive impact. These pragmatic, personal and positive leadership articles not only invite you to reflect but also to apply what you read! Grab your copy today!

Positive Leadership, Culture & Change Collection 1 offers:
An interview with “positive leadership and organizational culture”-professor Kim Cameron.
Learn more about the books Practicing Positive leadership, Humble Inquiry, Give & Take and the Power of less by Kim Cameron, Edgar Schein, Adam Grant and Leo Babauta.

Find out how to practice positive leadership.
Connect with your coworkers by asking the right questions.
Learn to be generous at work without asking anything in return – and see how that influences your organization.

Focus on a few things – and get more done while you eliminate stress!
Join the global classroom by Otto Scharmer: How can you act for the well-being of the whole organization – and beyond?

Find inspiration in a case study of personal development at work.
Reflect on feedback, judging and the courage to choose – in three short articles for reflection.

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Elon Musk: Renaissance Man – MASTER ENTREPRENEUR

Nathaniel Oliver - elon musk - Renaissance man
Elon Musk:
Renaissance Man

by Nathanial Oliver


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“Optimism, pessimism, f*** that–we’re going to make it happen.” – Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the founder, CEO, and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and chief product architect of Tesla Motors, cofounder of Paypal, and chairman of SolarCity. In this book, you’ll find Elon’s incredible story alongside quotes with relevant context and insight into his philosophy on life.

Elon Musk is a modern-day fusion of Henry Ford and Isaac Asimov.
One of the most successful and renowned entrepreneurs in the world, he’s an unstoppable force in multiple industries.
If Musk glances at your business, your product, or your engineers, watch out… he’s about to ruin your day.


“There is nothing inherently expensive about rockets. It’s just that those who have built and operated them in the past have done so with horrendously poor efficiency.” – Elon Musk


“We are used to things improving every year; we are used to having a better cell phone next year than this year; a better lap top. We are even used to some basic things, like we expect more from your car in next year’s model than last year’s model. But this is not the case in space; reliability and cost – those are the fundamental parameters of transportation – have not improved… We got to the moon, but have never done anything better since. I’m disappointed that we have not made more progress since Apollo. I don’t even see a plan that says we’re going to do better than Apollo to exceed that goal.” – Elon Musk


“If we can be one of the companies that makes it possible for humans to become a multi-planetary species, that would be the Holy Grail. It sounds a bit crazy but it’s going to happen, and only if people build the means to do so. We’re making progress toward a greater philosophical goal while building a sound business.” – Elon Musk



Tesla Motors

“The reason for me to do it is not because I saw a huge market opportunity. It was clear that we were not going to see electric cars from major car manufacturers. The industry was operating under two false premises. One, that you could not create a compelling electric car. And two, that no one would buy it. Now that we’ve become profitable, we expect that other manufacturers will get into the electric car market… [but] the response thus far has been slower than I’d like.” – Elon Musk


“I don’t like patents, personally. When I was first starting out developing technology, I got lots of patents, and thought this was a good thing, and then I sort of discovered that a patent was really like buying a lottery ticket to a lawsuit. I was like, I’d rather not buy those tickets. You look at sort of the battle between Apple & Samsung, who is really winning there? The lawyers are winning certainly, but neither of those two companies. And, in the case of Tesla, I thought, ‘Well, would Tesla ever sue some other car company if they were using our patents, to try to make them stop making electric cars?’ We would never do such a thing, so why pretend that we would.” – Elon Musk



FREE BOOK: How To Use Review Videos On Youtube
To Create Automated Profits

Josh- Tube Review Machine
Tube Review Machine:

How To Use Review Videos On Youtube To Create Automated Profits


FREE April 18 to 22


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The usage of Youtube has exploded over the past few years. With over a billion users and 4 billion views per day, more people are starting to realize the power of video. This book contains a transcript of an exclusive interview with Saul Maraney, a top marketer who uses a combination of Google Hangouts and Youtube to produce top ranking video reviews of products. This brings him massive exposure in terms of his branding as well as an additional income source through commissions.

In addition to that, Saul also shares candidly about how he managed to obtain significant success as an online entrepreneur in a relatively short time. The 3 keys he gives are crucial to anyone wanting to start an online business and can be applied to other ventures as well.

How To Use Social Media THE RIGHT WAY to Build Your Clientele, Neighborhood Business, & Event Traffic

season bennett

Interview with:

Season Bennett

Author of:

The Social Barber


audiobutton1Click Here to Listen




Season Bennett is a Technical Business Analyst at a Fortune 50 company. She has over 15 years of professional experience in Information Technology and has degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and Software Development. Season and her husband, Derrick Bennett own the very successful Headlines Barber Shop in Charlotte, NC. It is because of her experiences and success using Social Media Marketing for Headlines, that Season has decided to share her insights in a new book called: The Social Barber: A How-To Social Media Marketing Guide for Barbers and Stylists.

season bennett - the social barberThe Social Barber: A How-To Social Media Marketing Guide for Barbers and Stylists

Season Bennett is a certified social media strategist. Her new book: The Social Barber explains:

Long gone are the days of passing out fliers to get new customers. Social media is the modern day word of mouth. There is a right way to present yourself on social media and Season Bennett will show you how. The Social Barber is a simple how to guide to increase your walk in traffic and ultimately, your income. It doesn’t matter how great your work is, if no one knows about you. Get the word out now!

Get The Social Barber today and take your first step towards establishing your brand online!

The Social Media Strategies revealed in this step by step “how to” guide also apply to other businesses and social causes that need to connect with the community to build a business, clientele and event traffic.






Interview with Entrepreneur Consultant: Noleen Mariappen

Noleen Mariappen

Interview with
Noleen Mariappen

Author of:
A Beginner’s Guide to
Low-Cost Business Start-Up

*Nominated for small business
book awards in startups


* Interview *


Tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?

Business has always been a passion, even when I had a full-time job. I set up a number of businesses in my spare time. Unfortunately, my efforts were not always a success, and that was largely due to being misinformed, or uninformed. I didn’t have a lot of money to start with, but I lost a lot of money nonetheless. I learned a number of lessons along the way, lessons that could have helped me succeed a lot quicker, and could have saved me a lot of money as well, and through this book, I want to pass on those lessons so that others don’t have to learn the hard way, as I did!

Noleen Mariappen-low cost business start up
Is this book part of a series? Do you have related books?

This is the first of a number of books I have written on the topics of business, management, development and strategy. This book has recently been nominated for The Small Business Book Award under the category of Start-Ups. The second of my books – Time Management: Get More Done in Less Time has just been published on Amazon Kindle, and there will be more to come in upcoming months.


What type of work do you do? Is it related to your work in some way?

I am an entrepreneur, consultant (business and personal development, specifically around strategy and branding), and I’m also a speaker. My aim is to help as many people succeed, particularly with their business growth goals as possible.


What’s next? Is there something you’re working on now?

I have recently partnered with Johnny Fratto, owner of Beverly Hills Choppers and will be launching a company which aims at turbo-boosting personal and business brands through exclusive connections in March 2015. Get in touch to find out more.


Who do you think will benefit most from this book? Who are you speaking to?

This book will benefit those who have an interest in starting up their own businesses, are on a budget, and aren’t sure where to start. It will also benefit those who may already have a business but want to learn a few ways of saving costs.


About the Book

Thinking of Starting in Business? This is for YOU! A Beginner’s Guide to Low-Cost Business Start-Up has just been nominated for the Small Business Trends Book Awards, under the category of Start-Ups. It’s an easy-to-read guide, is written for those who are beginners in business, and offers valuable lessons and practical tips to get you off to a good start, and very importantly, at minimal cost. It is honest about what it takes to start in business, gives a 7-step list to starting right, and advises on no-cost and low-cost start-up options. If you’re thinking of starting up in business and being your own boss, then this guide is a great first port-of-call.

Get The Book Here:  Amazon

Connect with Noleen:
Website  *  Amazon Author Page  *   Twitter  *  Facebook



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