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Build Your DREAM Business

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You spend the 9-5 building someone else’s dream. Now spend 5 minutes on your own.

Mark Middo is who major brands hire to skyrocket their online sales.

Mark’s secret? Growth Hacking.

Growth Hacking is the practise of taking an unconventional and innovative approach to lighting a fire under the sale of any product online or offline. Find out how Mark growth hacked his way from the 9-5 slog to developing and selling his own online product for a 6-figure sum in under 3 months.

Inside you will discover growth hacking secrets like:

  • Hacks to create and profit from world class brand for $297
  • Hacks to get you a $50,000 website for $137
  • Hacks that get Google to instantly send you “buyers with cash”
  • Hacks to network yourself into the inner circle of any industry
  • Hacks to convert website visitors into consistent cash

Plus … free exclusive access to the 5 Minute Business “Growth Hackers Vault” for life, with video tutorials to guide you every step of the way.

Mark Middo is a Growth Hacker and renowned Freedom & Lifestyle Advocate. Mark has over 10 years experience boosting the online revenues for some of the largest companies in the world like Formula 1, MotoGP and McDonalds.



FREE BOOK: Hook: Why Websites Fail to Make Money

McDermott_ Hook


Why Websites Fail to Make Money

Business, Marketing, Strategy


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Most websites will struggle (and fail) to make money.

Your website is a digital lighthouse for your business. It’s meant to attract and guide customers to you. Naturally, it impacts the success of your marketing efforts and dictates whether people will actually buy from you.

The problem? Most websites are getting it wrong.

It’s not your fault. But the fact remains, most of us have been lied to. We were trained to give customers the direct opposite of what they need.

In Hook Why Websites fail to make money, you’ll learn:

  • Why customers don’t seem to care about your solution to their problems
  • Why they always seem to resist – even when they need your help
  • How to fascinate and attract the type of customers you want
  • The inevitable part of selling that gets worse when you avoid it
  • Why it’s a struggle to “seal the deal” and close the sale
  • Presentation conflicts that prevent customers from buying
  • How to move customers through the buying process naturally, without coercion or manipulation.

Hook shares answers to these problems in two parts, Story and Method. Each part offers different, yet complimentary lessons on why websites fail, how customers buy and ultimately, how to change things for the better.


A Message from the Authors:


Why did we create “Hook” and what brought us here?

Like most people, we’ve learned a lot by working with our clients. And we started to notice some patterns. Namely, the people we talked to were facing similar problems.

They had been giving customers the opposite of what they needed and they were not seeing the results they wanted. It’s common for people to create something and just sit back and wait for people to come.

But the “if you build it they will come” mantra just isn’t effective.

So we spent a lot of time sharing information and educating people on new ideas, new ways of thinking about and approaching their business. Once we started sharing all this great stuff we ended up sharing even more, which makes sense because if something’s good you crave more right?

As our business grew it became difficult to keep up. Sharing and consulting started to take a huge amount of our time. Some clients wanted to spend three to four hours a day in meetings. Then there’s the prospective customers who want to feel confident you “know your stuff” so they ask for several meetings where they spend time picking your brain (testing you)–which is pretty common.

But one-on-one sharing with lots of people is downright exhausting.

That became clear as we found ourselves repeating the same concepts over and over to each new client. We didn’t want to stop sharing (we actually wanted to share more) but we also needed more time. We needed to multiply ourselves. We needed our time back and we needed some leverage.

Hook became our solution. A way to to share helpful, valuable content with people that need it.



Work From Home – with Fresh step by step ideas

Ahmed book

Work From Home

Fresh Ideas – Step by Step

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This book is for anyone that is looking for a work at home job, for all single moms looking for extra income, for families with low income try to get extra cash to pay their bills or for anyone wants to seriously start working from home and making a full time work from home.


You will learn step by step how to make $200 a day using 3 different income streams.  In income streams 1, 2 and 3 you will find all the links and the resources that will explain every one of them with many videos and simple instructions.

I will show you how to start your small business online with just few dollars and show you how to choose the best way to make money online. You will find this to be Fresh, new information that will truly kick start your business.

Plus a Bonus! How to make $100 A Day, step by step how to get visitors to your website, how to get free traffic and best cheap paid traffic and learn how to build a list fast and more so you can make money when you apply this system.

This book will become your top online work from home guide and will become your most valuable make money online Resource!


A Message from the Author: Ahmed Alsamanoudi

Ahmed_AlsamanoudiHello, My name is Ahmed Alsamanoudi. I am an internet marketer and Author. I was a chemical engineer working in one of the top manufacturing companies in Australia. I lost my job in 2007 with the world financial crises. I started to look for a work from home system that can substitute my 9-5 job, it was very hard at the beginning with all the hype and scams on the net and it took about 4 months until I found the right system. I did some modifications and started to make money online month after month. I have showed this system to my friends and neighbors and they started to make money after they applied the system. I cannot describe my feeling every time I help a single mom or low income family to make extra cash from home and pay their bills. I have helped hundreds of single moms to earn extra cash from just using one simple technique that makes real money month after month.



FREE Business Book
SOSHIKI – A Japanese Perspective on Organizational Behavior and Leadership for All

Ken Tanabata- soshiki

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A Japanese Perspective on Organizational Behavior and Leadership for All

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Do you think learning about organizational behavior and leadership is only necessary for a limited subset of ambitious people? Surprisingly, this book takes the opposing view. It explains, in simple terms, how the workings of organizations affect the behavior of people, and describes the types of actions leaders must take to preserve an organization. Even those who have never studied organizational dynamics or leadership principles will find it easy to engage with the content of this book. Written by a Japanese author from an East Asian perspective, it is distinctively and refreshingly different from other books that explore the same topic.



Book Launch News: 4D Leadership

Launching Today, With Hundreds of $$ in Bonus Gifts!

Dr. Hisham Abdalla has unveiled his proven “prescription” for becoming the writer, director and lead actor of the heroic life you were MEANT to live – thereby serving others as well. His new book “4D Leadership” comes with an array of valuable bonus gifts for the next 24 hours during its official launch!

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Passive Income


Passive Income Series

by Steve Pavlina:

Creating Money Automated Systems


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This book is based entirely on the Passive Income Series published by Steve Pavlina throughout 2012. I personally rate this series as 24 carat gold since it will teach you how to build systems for passive income generation, starting with the correct configuration of your mind, which is indeed the place where most of the things will happen.

Besides all the theoretical and practical knowledge embodied in this book, Steve joins you step by step through the creation of your new passive income stream, so this exercise will become a very satisfying and rewarding experience.

This ebook has to be read by any entrepreneur or anyone who is looking for a venture or wants to substantially improve his/her cash flows, particularly those that provide passive income.

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Visual Presentations for Business eBook



Visual Presentations eBook

From Text Based Slides to Powerful Diagrams in 3 easy steps.

Most business presentations don’t make it beyond the first 2 minutes.

It is not that the audiences are inattentive and busy. They just don’t engage with complex and boring slides anymore.

So, how can you hold your audience attention? How can you create presentations that move your audience into action?

The solution is to make Presentations Visual.

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Free Kindle Book – iBloom in BUSINESS

kelly thorne gore-ibloom


FREE April 2 – 4

iBloom in Business

by Kelly Thorne Gore

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Are you a Christian woman praying for a miracle in your business? You know you are doing what God has gifted you to do. You’ve enjoyed helping others reach their breakthrough but are you still waiting (and not so patiently at this point) for your own breakthrough in business?

In this business book, Kelly Thorne Gore will walk you through the steps she’s walked with the heart of a girlfriend and the accountability of a drill sergeant. She knows you are SO CLOSE to making it and that it IS possible to follow your calling AND be financially abundant. She won’t give up on you or allow you to give to give up on yourself. You can expect Kelly to help you:

– Be sure you have the proper foundation
– Set your business around your life
– Give you step-by-step instructions along the way
– Challenge you to ask yourself the tough questions

You can count on iBloom in Business to help you fine tune your business, be a roadmap to success without all the detours, and serve as a life- long resource. If you are serious about using your God-given gifts to run a successful business, then this is a must read!

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Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success – On Sale

Special Reduced Price

lonnie sciambi bk


Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success:

Giving Entrepreneurs an Edge, Learned from Years in the Entrepreneurial Trenches

Feb 7th – 14th

(Ebook $5 off) and (Paperback $10 off)

Lonnie L. Sciambi, “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda,” gives on the money, no catchy buzz-word, practical advice for entrepreneurs. His business mentoring isn’t about rah-rah feel good theories but rather using techniques that have been tried-and-true, straight from the business trenches.

During Sciambi’s 30+year career as an entrepreneur and CEO , he founded and sold two of his own companies, advised more than fifty companies at various stages of their growth and invested in more than a dozen. Sciambi’s experience also includes fixing “broken” companies, having completed a series of successful turnarounds for eight small companies. He has raised more than $350 million in capital as an investment banker and also been responsible for almost 50 mergers and acquisitions including a dozen or more successful entrepreneurial exits. Sciambi has also had some large company experience with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Citicorp and IBM.

Lonnie_SciambiWhether you are seeking advice for an under-performing operation, strategic exit guidance or just valuable business advice, Sciambi can help you avoid the pitfalls that you will invariably face along the way. He learned the hard way, but you don’t have to!

Sciambi resides in Port Monmouth, NJ with his wife Helen and has three children, the “start-ups” of which he is most proud – Jon who lives in New York City, Sara, who lives in Miami Beach, FL and Ben, who lives in New Jersey.

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Twitter: @yodacanhelp



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