Cool Freebie – For Ghost Story Fans
Ghosts on Tour: Wylie Westerhouse Book1

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Ghosts on Tour:
Wylie Westerhouse Book1

A voice. A medium. A haunted Scottish castle in Missouri?!

by Nathan Roden

FREE April 9 -11


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Wylie was this close to being “America’s Brand New Voice.” When his manager broke the law and fled the country with Wylie’s girlfriend, his one chance at success spiraled down the drain. Nowadays, managing a music store pays the bills while Wylie plays the clubs in Branson, Missouri. A new friendship, however, could change everything…

Holly can see ghosts. Ever since her family moved into a Scottish castle, she’s been able to communicate with the dead. When a flood kills local tourism and forces Holly and her uncle to sell the castle, she follows the castle’s ghostly inhabitants… all the way to Branson.

After Holly shares her “gift” with Wylie, the magic girl and the musician must team up to save the castle from a group of Branson ghosts out for much more than blood.

Wylie Westerhouse: Ghosts on Tour is the first book in a series of supernatural new adult novels. If you like dark ghost tales with more than a touch of humor and the Sookie Stackhouse books, then you’ll love Nathan Roden’s mysterious and entertaining campfire tale.

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A Compelling Drama – When You Leave This Way – FREE FlipBook Sample

When You Leave This Way
(Unfairytale Series)

By Randy Pendleton



In the real world, the wave of a wand will not mend a shattered childhood.

Brandon Wright lives a reality no child should ever have to endure. The revealing of a hitherto unknown piece of information leads to a bizarre series of events that claims four victims–one death orchestrated by Brandon’s own hand. Joined with his siblings and friends, he hops aboard a train, to leave his troubles behind.

The result is a descent into decadence, spiraling downward from poverty, encounters with predators, and meeting with an enigmatic man who presents them all with what he dubs the proverbial perfect crime. Brandon’s quest for atonement becomes a personification of grave peril: The harder he tries to seek repentance, the more his world collapses.

With destitute conditions and a weighty conscience, can Brandon return the childhood he stole from those in his company? Can the secret be deduced before it tears away what little remains of his world? Life has taken its bitter turn, and When You Leave This Way, you’ll find yourself wishing that some things remain kept in the dark.

Another Steamy BBW Paranormal Romance
from Kate Kent

Beary Merry Winter:

BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance
(Shifter Seasons Book 1)

By Kate Kent


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1 Sexy Bear Shifter + 1 Shy BBW = A Growling Hot Time!

Hot ‘n hunky playboy Zane Harlan’s animal is raging when he runs into curvy Anne Williamson at an ugly Christmas sweater party. Zane sees Anne and knows exactly what he wants. But quiet and conservative Anne has an agenda of her own. She wants a baby and she is willing to do whatever it takes to get one. Mix lust and desire with a little magic potion and you have a recipe for hot loving.

The chemistry between the pair is off the charts but can the pair reconcile their differences?

Beary Merry Winter is a BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance. Berry Merry Winter is the first book in the Shifter Seasons Collection. The book was previously released in a limited special edition collection, “Shifter Wonderland”, and is now available as a standalone book.The story includes strong sexual themes and language.



Meet Rachel Windsor – Author of Lesbian Fiction & Erotica

Rachel_Windsor pic2

Interview with Lesbian Fiction
and Erotica Author

Rachel Windsor


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Rachel Windsor is a boring attorney who enjoys writing in her free time. To spice up her day-job writing of appellate briefs, pension plans and tax documents, she writes lesbian fiction, specializing in romance, romantic comedies, historical romance and erotica.

In addition to writing, Rachel enjoys spending time with her wife and their two children, traveling, enjoying good food and wine, and reading.

Lesbian Lovers Throughout Time

Rachel Windsor - Lesbian Lovers Thru Time
Enjoy four stand-alone novellas in this 2015 Golden Crown Literary Society Finalist collection about women falling in love with each other throughout time.

Prairie Women in Love
It is hard being a woman in the 1870s and even harder if you happen to have feelings for another woman.

Civil War Women in Love
A plantation owner’s daughter has to decide where her allegiance lies after falling in love with house slave.

Dames with Dames
In 1940s New York City tough girl walks into a detective agency and things will never be the same for the agency’s gorgeous secretary.

West Point Women in Love
At West Point in 1976, things are changing as the first female cadets arrive and even more so for two cadets as they face an undeniable attraction.


Love, Laughs and Lesbians
Rachel Windsor - Love Laughs Lesbians
Enjoy three stand-alone novellas in this collection of fiendishly funny, smart romantic comedies.

Mail Order Bride
Liz was ready to give up on love when a brainstorm hit—a mail order bride. The brainstorm becomes more than she bargained for when Svetlana arrives and utters those magical first words: “You are not man.”

Gentlewomen Thieves
Joan’s writing career has stalled out, along with her relationship with long-time partner Laura. Joan convinces Laura to embark on a life of crime to stir things up, leading to unexpected experiences for the couple.

Exit Row
Lauren hates to fly but hits it off with seatmate Natalie. Things get off to a rough start, literally, when their plane nearly crashes. They impulsively get married and are asked to star on a reality show. Can they pull off their “feel-good” story?

Connect with Rachel at:

| | | Rachel on Twitter | Amazon |



Christmas Freebie: A Marquess for Christmas

Vivienne Westlake - MarquessA Marquess for Christmas

Erotic Historical Romance Novel
by Vivienne Westlake


FREE Dec. 8 to 12

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A gambler and pugilist, the Marquess of Kittrick loves his freedom and will protect it at any cost. When family pressure becomes unbearable, he storms off—only to find himself caught up in a daring rescue that nearly costs him his life and erases his memory.

Violet Laurens has faced war, bloodshed, and the loss of her husband, but she is unprepared for the intense longing stirred by the mysterious stranger who rescued her. She has no illusions that Kit will stay, but she cannot bear to lose the fragile love they share. Knowing that the past cannot stay buried forever, they cling to every moment together, never forgetting that each kiss might be their last.

Shifter Wonderland

Shifter Wonderland:

Twelve BBW Paranormal Holiday Shape Shifter Romances


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Get lost in a Shifter Wonderland of Bears, Wolves, Horses and Dragons!


This boxed set features twelve ALL NEW stand-alone Holiday stories from your favorite bestselling paranormal romance authors, and it’s only available for a LIMITED TIME! If you love Hot, Sexy Alpha Shapeshifters and the Beautiful, Curvy women who love them, then you don’t want to miss this LIMITED EDITION holiday boxed set!

Featured Authors:
Christin Lovell
V. Vaughn
Tasha Black
Charlene Hartnady
Kate Kent
Lola Kidd
Marie Mason
Erika Masten
Harmony Raines
Ruby Shae
Elle Thorne
Emerald Wright



Award-Winning Resource Helps Kids Overcome the Fear of Moving – Now Available in English and Spanish

Lori Attanasio - Big Move - English
My Very Exciting,
Sorta Scary, Big Move:

A Workbook for Children
Moving to a New Home

by Dr. Lori Attanasio Woodring


Listen to our Interview with Dr. Woodring
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Get This Book for Your Kid SPANISH ENGLISH

This award winning workbook (available in ENGLISH and SPANISH) guides children from worry to wonder and fear to new friends

This one-of-a-kind creative book, written by a child psychologist, makes one of the most stressful life events for kids – moving – a little less hectic and a little more exciting. “My Very Exciting, Sorta Scary, Big Move” walks kids ages 5-11 step by step through the entire moving process, including understanding change, strategies for managing emotions, ways to say goodbye and stay in touch, preparing for a new adventure, tips for making new friends, and more. The charming illustrations and engaging activities allow children to take control of their feelings and experiences and become active participants in their exciting new adventure.

Realtors are saying that this book is “a true gift to the real estate community and for families making a move to a new home!

Military Avenue states, “Wow, there are thousands of military-children experiencing a PCS (“moving” in civilian-speak) every year. Thousands of children ages 5 to 11 that could benefit from a book like this!

Now available in SPANISH:
Lori Attanasio - Big Move - Spanish
Mi gran mudanza, muy emocionante y un poco aterradora: Libro de ejercicios para niños que se mudan a un nuevo hogar

Pedido hoy en Amazon




About the Author

Dr. Lori Attanasio Woodring is a licensed psychologist in New York and Connecticut. She received her BS from Cornell University and her PhD from Fordham University.


“… gives parents the tools they need to ensure that children process a move in a healthy way and grow from the experience. During the hectic time of a move, we don’t always have time to research all the ways to help children through it, but Woodring brings it all together for us in this beautiful children’s workbook so our children can explore their emotions, process a move and ultimately thrive.




Requiem Blood Mass – Paranormal Gay Fiction

Charlotte Anderson -RequiemBloodMass
Requiem Blood Mass


Paranormal Gay Fiction
by Charlotte Anderson


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Vampires here


“In 1941 the Nazi’s created a Hybrid Vampire named Johann. For years he lived a solitary life lamenting the monster he had become. Johann was alone until he met David in 2015. David was suffering from PTSD, the only survivor of a horrific shooting. David was alone until he met Johann. Together they found redemption. They became mates. Their auras blending together to form a powerful force. A power that attracted others-aura hunters.”

Friendly Fire – A Romance Novel by Cindi Walton

cindi walton - friendly fire
Friendly Fire

What’s a lie between friends?

Sometimes it’s everything!



Contemporary Romance
by Cindi Walton


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Childhood friends and college roommates, William and Tucker, believe they’ve been hired as journalists, for a “hip” Chicago magazine. When reality hits home, only one job is available, and it belongs to William. What’s a friend to do, tell the truth, or create a ruse? Mayhem ensues when Tucker is sent on a “fake” assignment for the magazine. High heels, composting toilets, and wind turbines set the stage for an unlikely romance between a bubbly barista and journalistic wannabe, that’s if they don’t become casualties of “Friendly Fire” first! Throw in a Thanksgiving Day turkey and some mistletoe and anything is possible!



An Orphan’s Adventure by 2 Amazing Educators

Jan-Bart-Williamson- It is what it isIt Is What It Is:

Ashes, Ashes, We All Rise Up


An Intriguing Novel About an Orphan’s Adventures – from 2 amazing educators who have traveled the world to work with children.


Jan and Bart Williamson

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What would you do if you lost everything at age thirteen? When this happens to David, he has to a make a choice to be bitter and let life’s situation bring him down or learn and grow. To make matters worse, he is also saddled with being responsible for his stubborn little brother, Sam.

The real adventure begins when they are moved to a Texas orphanage called Boy’s Ranch. There they meet the people (both good and bad) who will help shape their lives. David meets his best friends, the love of his life, and his worst nightmares while trying to establish a new family.

Before he knows it, he becomes the head of a family of broken kids who have been thrown away. They band together, learn to trust, have crazy escapades, and find hope and faith to help them on their way.

Just when it seems that everything is coming together, it all falls apart.



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