BOGO! Buy-One-Get-One-Free Book
by BestSelling Author: Karl Hollenbach

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BOGO!  Buy-One-Get-One-Free Book

by BestSelling Author: Karl Hollenbach


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Cover is one of the BOGO options– the newest Karl F. Hollenbach book – –

A Journey To The Four Kingdoms.    Genre: Fiction/Fantasy and Magic (middle school-high school)

Join the young Prince Royal, Pid, in his fabled quest to discover the Great Secret with the help of Firebreather, his dragon and true friend.

Pid and Firebreather journey to the four kingdoms, each of which offers a possible path of discovery to the Great Secret. Along the way Pid finds other companions drawn to his quest.

Prepared by his experiences in the four kingdoms, Pid encounters and fights the Black Demon.During the fabled struggle, with Firebreather’s insight and his companions help, Pid discovers the answer to the Great Secret.

Appealing to the child-like senses in most adults of wonder, curiosity, and true friendship this fable is of a person learning where their real strength lies and about true friendship and undying love.