How to Increase Book Sales by Diana Loera

Diana Loera - Help My book isnt sellingHelp! My Book Isn’t Selling

The Author’s Guide to Increasing Book Sales:
How to Increase Book Sales

by Book Marketing Expert -Diana Loera


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As a long time direct response (infomercial) marketer and scriptwriter turned author, Diana Loera knows firsthand that there is much more needed to make a steady flow of book sales than most people realize.

In this informative book for authors, Diana walks you through – step by step – the process to determine what may be the reason that your book isn’t selling. She then helps you get your book on the fast track to sales.

You’ll learn about the two hottest marketing avenues right now and how successful authors are using them to catapult book sales. Plus you’ll take a close look at your book and ensure there isn’t a tiny hidden flaw that could be your barrier to sales. Diana is the author of over a dozen books from recipes to health to marketing to wholesale and more.

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AUTHORS – Check this New Site for Book Promotions

Introducing BookCry for Authors and Publishers

BookCry is a new platform/website/tool to help authors and publishers to swap some of their time and talents. If you are familiar with the Fiverr® Website Format then bookcry will be very familiar in functionality. Even if you aren’t familiar, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to offer, access and exchange helpful services.


A Message from the Founder of BookCry, Michael Wills:

“I thought it would be great if authors and publishers could swap some of their time and talents. I need tags, I love reviews (good and bad), and I need covers and likes and lists and trailers. I can’t make a good cover to save my life and apparently reviewing my own books is considered bad form. (My mom is sick of it too, hates science fiction, and really only uses her computer for banking and keeping that small part of her desk dust free.) But other authors are great with Photoshop and some even like science fiction. If they show me theirs maybe I can show them mine?

Sure, there are forums where we can ask for reviews, and even tags or likes, but they’re hard to police and it always feels a little like asking for a handout to me. Plus there’s no way to ensure everyone is getting a fair trade, or a trade they value. Again, that’s where I think BookCry can help. I have created a system of credits I lovingly call Grunts. BookCry uses these Grunts to keep track of what authors have done for others and allows them to request trades. It also means I can review a science fiction novel I love with Grunts I got from  someone that’s into historical romance he accumulated making book covers for a series of running books – and then Swap a few of my review Grunts to get some new tags for one of my anthologies…….”


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Meet Bestselling Author: Lucinda Sue Crosby

Meet Bestselling Author:  Lucinda Sue Crosby

Lucinda Sue Crosby is a prize-winning author who was named by TheAuthorShow in 2011 as one of “50 Authors You Should be Reading.”

She is a former Hollywood actress of “Pretty Woman,” and “Beaches” fame and toured as a professional tennis player.
Crosby is a Nashville songwriter, commissioned poet and award-winning journalist.

She is the author of Francesca of Lost Nation – a four-literary prize winning novel and Kindle bestseller.

She also has two other Kindle bestselling books:
The Adventures of Baylard Bear – Children’s Fiction with Adoption Theme

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Connect with: Lucinda Sue Crosby

You can visit her website: to learn more.

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