The Secrets of Julia Hawke by Brenda Cheers

Brenda Cheers_Secrets of Julia Hawke

The Secrets of Julia Hawke

by Brenda Cheers


Book Genre/Subject: Fiction *Women’s Fiction * Coming of age * contemporary women

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Julia Hawke and her friend Rachel are celebrating the end of their final year of schooling. They deceive their parents and embark on an adventure to the Gold Coast of Queensland.

Many years later, Julia is still keeping secrets in an attempt to hide what happened during those few, fateful days. A series of events force her to realise that keeping these secrets comes at too great a cost. What can Julia do to regain the trust of those she loves?

“The Secrets of Julia Hawke” explores, not only the destructive nature of secrets, but also the miracle of unconditional friendship.


Meet the Author: Brenda Cheers

Brenda_Cheers_printfinal_4in_x_4inBrenda Cheers is a novelist and short story writer, living in Brisbane, Australia. Her passions are art-house motion pictures and literary fiction. “The Secrets of Julia Hawke” is her sixth published novel.

Brenda is known for doing everything in life very quickly so it came as no surprise to the people closest to her that once she decided on a career as a novelist, it all happened with blinding speed.

A course in Creative Writing was quickly followed by a more advanced one. She began drafting her first novel and then completed three full manuscripts in the next two years.

Her great love is Literary Fiction and this is what she aims to write. Fast-paced suspense novels are what fly from her fingertips, however and these tend to feature strong-willed female protagonists as in ‘In a House in Yemen’ and ‘In Times of Trouble’.

In her third novel, ‘In Conversations with Strangers’ there is a different mood. It has a slower pace and the character is troubled and flawed. Brenda felt it was harder to write but more rewarding.

“In Strange Worlds” was published in January 2014. This is a suspense novel which contains surprises and twists. Brenda completed four full drafts before being satisfied with the result, but she found the work enjoyable because the story held her interest.

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Marriage Material by Alicia Airey

Marriage Material

by Alicia Airey


What would you do if the love of your life broke your heart and then five years later says he “needs you”? When Lacey McLauren’s old flame Rodney Rochester – the most eligible bachelor in London – calls upon her, Lacey decides to take some time away from her fashion design apprenticeship in Paris and return home to London. Thrown into London high-society with paparazzi on every corner, the young designer finds herself making a wedding dress, but is she marriage material?


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Meet the Author: Alicia Airey

At age twenty-four Alicia Airey packed up her suitcase and crossed the globe to live in London – a city where anything can happen. Much of her inspiration comes from this vibrant city where she continually jots down novel ideas in one of her many notebooks.

Alicia Airey never fails to find a pen (at the bottom of her handbag, shoved in her glove box or stuffed in the back of her ponytail). She writes books with plots that twist and turn and her aim is to always entertain.

Alicia Airey is a full time writer of commercial women’s fiction. She has lived in London for the last seven years in a garden flat with her husband, James. Alicia is often visited by two stray cats, Sunny and Dark Knight, who sometimes dare to enter and prowl around her house (without being invited), and keep her company whilst she writes.

Alicia was born in 1981 in Australia and grew up in the most beautiful place in the world, which seems now more like a dream, the Gold Coast in Australia.

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