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Those great summer drinks and amazing time with your friends drinking wine and mixed drinks, but what happens when you build alcohol dependence? What happens when you need more and more to get the same effect like your friends? Struggling with alcohol addiction is world’s number one problem. Many people lose their job, get divorced, and argue with their friends and families because of alcohol. You don’t have to be one of them. Now you have the chance to finally stop drinking, forever. This book is not just for all those that are having problems with alcohol abuse and addiction , It is not just about stopping it is about passing through withdrawal easily by easing the symptoms and how to stop and ignore the urges. YES, you can quit drinking without AA.

The book will show you the secret for real self-recovery. It will be the end of your alcohol depression and the beginning of a new meaningful life. Quit drinking today and repair your relationships, and get your life in order.
In this book you will learn about:

– Signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse
– Alcohol Withdrawal by easing the symptoms
– Controlling your urges and avoiding the triggers
– How to rebuild your relationships
– How to stop underage drinking and how to prevent it

Book Launch: Guide to Overcoming Addictions

Hasmark-vodkaIMPORTANT BOOK LAUNCH — As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NPR and beyond – Justin Daniels, who after conquering his own addiction is helping thousands overcome their own habits and addictions!

Justin Daniels has walked the walk. And now, in his first book, he talks the talk: recounting his own journey from addiction, and how anyone can escape its clutches as he did!

His principles apply whether the problem is alcohol, drugs, overeating, video games, cigarettes, pornography, shopping . . . anything that can become an irresistible compulsion. Whether it’s you, a spouse, family member or friend who’s trapped.

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Mary Crocker Cook – Recovery Counselor and Author


Mary Crocker Cook

Mary Crocker Cook, D.Min., LMFT, CADCII, has over 20 years experience providing counseling to addicts and their families through Connections Counseling Associates in San Jose, CA. She is the developer and coordinator of the San Jose City College Alcohol and Drug Studies program and is an adjunct Instructor with JFK University. She is the author of Awakening Hope. A Developmental, Behavioral, Biological Approach to Codependency Treatment and Afraid to Let Go. For Parents of Adult Addicts and Alcoholics.

Mary’s Books:

Afraid To Let Go: For Parents of Adult Addicts and Alcoholics. This book is for parents who are Afraid to Let Go because they do not know how to set boundaries with their adult children without feeling crippling anxiety, or walling themselves off to make separation possible.

Awakening Hope (Revised). A Developmental, Behavioral, Biological Approach to Codependency Treatment (2011) offers a three-pronged solution to a serious disorder that has previously been primarily addressed from a behavioral perspective. Awakening Hope is a result of a devastating relationship loss by the author, Mary Crocker Cook who reports her experience with a candor and humor unusual for a therapist.

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