I Don’t Sing Anymore by April Williams
A Story of physical and sexual abuse

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  I Don’t Sing Anymore

by April Williams

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Josie Gibbs is a young woman who works in the cotton fields in Fowlstown, Georgia. The results of her 3 failed relationships have come in the form of offspring. Josie finally wants to focus on finding a better life for her young family.   Circumstances quickly change when Keith Anderson, May’s father, resorts to terrifying acts of violence. Now, Josie is forced to leave and start life in Miami, Florida.

Keith Anderson
A war veteran, Keith Anderson vows to be with Josie at all cost. However, demons from the war continue to haunt him.   Keith hasn’t had a peaceful night of sleep in spite of his addiction, and his life spirals out of control. His dreams are about to cost him everything.

May Gibbs
Daughter of Josie and Keith, May struggles with the effects of physical and sexual abuse. The path she walks is filled with lingering pains that lead her to live a joyless life. What can be done to save this creature that was apparently doomed from the day she was born?

I Don’t Sing Anymore tells of a family’s battles. We don’t always know our path in life, but we do
have a say in how we get to live it. This is a heartbreaking tale that is drenched in every kind of emotion imaginable.


About the Author – April Williams

Many years ago, April discovered that writing served as her escape from the harsh realities of daily life. April found that she could live victoriously and help others by writing about her experiences, failures, and triumphs. April exhorts and motivates readers to remain constant and dedicated to their own passions.

Her style of writing uses a different kind of voice from other writers’ styles. There is nothing complicated about it at all. It is easy to read.

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Emotional Abuse: Silent Killer of Marriage

Austin James book

Emotional Abuse:
Silent Killer of Marriage –

A 30-Year Abuser Speaks Out

By Austin James


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Austin James is the author of Emotional Abuse: Silent Killer of Marriage – A 30-Year Abuser Speaks Out. Austin chronicles his torment of 30-years, locked in the prison of emotional abuse, as it destroyed his 24-year marriage and crippled the woman and children he loves.

Experience the awakening that hurled him through a nightmarish journey to the most inner core of his soul. Discover what he learned during his five years of recovery, along with the horror, that his three decade abusive lifestyle stemmed from events that happened as a young teenager, following the unexpected death of his father.

Through great sorrow, came the ability to be transformed from the ashes of defeat to the type of cleansing and healing that not only renewed Austin’s spirit, but allowed it to soar to new heights.

Austin currently lives in the Midwest and enjoys a quiet, abuse-free life, serving the Lord and helping men and women discover the truth about emotional abuse and ways to overcome it. He enjoys, hiking, backpacking, writing, and for the first time in his life, inner-peace.


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