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 The Puppy Sleep Handbook:

A step by step guide for getting your new puppy to sleep through the night (Puppy Protocol)

by Cary Richards


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Howling Devil or Furry Cherub? Bringing a new puppy home is undoubtedly one of the peak experiences of your life.

You’ve done your research, looked around and chosen the perfect puppy. You’ve brought him home and things are going very well. The kids are ecstatic, your wife gives you that knowing, approving look and everybody’s happy…..until bed time.

Then harsh reality rears its howling, sleepless head. That adorable bundle of love has just turned into a screaming banshee! How can something so little and cute be so exasperating!!

Suddenly you’re in a panic and looking for books on how to train a puppy!

The Puppy Sleep Handbook is here to help.

This comprehensive puppy training guide gives you proven, specific, hands on techniques to turn that howling little devil back into the adorable cherub you thought you’d brought home in the first place.

Our animal shelters are chock full of dogs who’s new owners were unprepared and or ill equipped to handle the needs and requirements of a new puppy. It can be nothing short of tragic to have to bring your new pet back to where you got him because you just don’t know how to train a puppy to get him to quiet down and go to sleep. (I mean, staying up all night every night is just not something you bargained for right!?)

The Puppy Sleep Handbook is the latest entry in the Cary Richards “Puppy Protocol” series of dog training books.

It takes you from researching the right puppy for your temperament and environment to tips on crate training a puppy as well as the actual steps and processes that will enable your new pup to go to sleep the very first night he or she is in your home. Not even Cesar Millan has a book specifically about sleep training your puppy!

Having spent years researching and defining dog behavior and training techniques in his native Seattle Wa. Cary adheres to the Positive Reinforcement technique of dog training and dog obedience. Now he is bringing that knowledge and expertise to you through his Puppy Protocol series of manuals for dog and puppy training.