Aint No Grits – Living Poetry by Cambridge Jenkins IV

Aint No Grits
By Cambridge Jenkins IV


…..the ethos embraces you. And you will remove your shoes and move gently
beyond the first poem in Ain’t No Grits, whet for the meal.

Ain’t No Grits captures my favorite aesthetic: a petite chorus of
poems seeking to move, breathe, and shift you in your seat. It is not
a large collection bound by glossy covers and gilded-edge text.
Highfalutin metaphor and lines scattered about the white space do not
reside here. It is a handful of poems like winding river ebbing
against the approaching frost.

These poems are Bukowski’s Americana–sinewy hands like rope and
whiskey spittle. A pretty girl in a cheap dress folding origami to
leave on the brick wall behind your house. They are gentle and dirty
and pierced with teeth marks.

Ain’t No Grits is poet undressing for his most passionate lover –
words; we are staring through the window to his room……


About the Author: Cambridge Jenkins IV

Cambridge writes, edits, and self-publishes. He has shared at many Atlanta venues, including The Apache Cafe, Java Monkey Speaks, and the National Black Arts Festival. Revenge of the Pink Pony (2008) and Aint No Grits (2010)are his most recent completed works.

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