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Broken Glass

by Shauna Hall

As an orphan, all Catherine “Cat” Langtree ever wanted was a home of her own.  But one thing always got in the way.  Her ability to move things with her mind.  So, when her adoptive father sends her away to New Haven, a boarding school half way across the country, it’s pretty clear that her dream is not going to come true.

It doesn’t get any better when the most popular girl in school, Jennifer Talbott, decides to make her the prime target for bullying.  When her power strikes out at Jennifer, she realizes that the danger isn’t just in
being discovered…it’s in hurting someone.

Everyone else thinks that it was an accident.

Everyone except David Grant.

David claims he wants to help.  But David has secrets too.  When David takes Cat home to visit his family, she learns she is not the only one who has this uncomfortable gift.

Noah Grant, David’s older brother, has been struggling with the same power Cat has for years.  For Noah, being discovered is not an option.  It happened once when he was taken into a government branch who specializes in training people with certain gifts.  The government wants to use these talents as weapons and Noah escaped just in time.

Can Noah help Cat control her power before it’s too late?

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Meet The Author: Shauna Hall

Shauna Hall decided to be a writer after she saw the movie, Romancing the Stone, because she wanted to be Joan Wilder. But, it was more than that. She wanted to write about all of the adventures that Joan was going to have. On the advice of Roxanne St. Claire, she joined Romance Writers of America. Getting involved in the national organization and her local chapter was invaluable. Since then, she has had several books published and finalled in the EPIC awards twice.  Shauna Hall lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, son and two cats. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, playing video games and watching movies.

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