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In her new book, You Can’t Escape from a Prison if You Don’t Know You’re In One, Alena Chapman guides you through life-changing exercises that enable you to burst out of your prison and explode into a dynamic new life filled with abundance, joy and purpose. It makes it strikingly clear that you were born with an amazing set of “magical” tools that can open your life to abundance and fulfillment. With compassion and understanding, Alena Chapman identifies these tools and reveals how readily available they are to you. You’ll learn that the first step to tapping into them is to open your heart and become aware that you were born with a natural ability to make your life anything you want it to be. Through step-by-step instruction Alena shows you exactly how to leverage these tools to make your life the extraordinary journey it was meant to be! Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering!





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In, Awakening Journey, author Ali Danesh shares a series of moving tales from his fascinating life that will mirror the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself every day. What makes this book so delightful is that it’s an easy read you can share with everyone, including the children in your life. Awaking Journey will touch you on a deeply personal level. As you learn about Ali’s life, you’ll learn about your own. As you learn about the limitations that used to prevent him from living his true purpose—you’ll better understand what’s been holding you back. This will enable you to bust free of your self-imposed shackles and experience a glorious new life.