Book Launch: Baby Food, Digestible Concepts Book 1: Faith

In his book, Williams makes the compelling argument that what most of us think of as faith isn’t faith at all – and that is why it doesn’t work to bring about what we want in our lives.

What we typically do is desire something, envision it, perhaps pray for it, and hope our wishes and prayers bring about what we want. When they don’t, we say it just “wasn’t meant to be” or it “wasn’t God’s will.”

Hope, Williams argues, has nothing to do with getting what we want. Faith is not hope; it is absolute, 100% belief that exactly as God promised, that which we need or desire is already ours just by virtue of our asking for it. Be it a healed relationship, a financial fix, vibrant health, a new job, anything that does not violate God’s principles. Ask in true faith and it is instantly and immediately a reality!       CLICK HERE for Free Gifts with Book Launch.