Book Launches – Feb. 4th.

hasmark-your vibrant heart

Create Better Heart Health by Focusing on Gratitude, Joy and Love

In her new book, Your Vibrant Heart, Harvard-trained cardiologist Dr. Cynthia Thaik comes from her heart to teach you how this amazing organ is also an emotional center that signifies energy, vibrancy, love, happiness, vitality, strength and spirit. With an uplifting voice, Dr. Thaik reveals many proven techniques she uses with patients to manage stress, bring order to their chaotic lives and create deep and lasting inner peace. From her heart to yours, Dr. Thaik’s Your Vibrant Heart will forever change how you view an amazing organ that’s the center of creating a rich life filled with joy, laughter and gratitude. Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering!




hasmark-treasures of heaven

Tap into Your Soul’s Infinite Potential and Ignite Your Capacity to Consciously Design Your Destiny

In her new book, Treasures of Heaven – Lessons from the Other Side, Cari Murphy opens your eyes to the tremendous energy of the human spirit as she takes you on a journey of remembrance and self-discovery. You’ll awaken to a new understanding and awareness of energy dynamics and how you can use these principles to ignite your spirit and take complete command of your life. Treasures of Heaven will remind you that you don’t have to go through life reacting to outside events coming at you. Instead, you’ll master your innate ability to create your life and design your destiny from the inside out, so that life events become a response to the positive energy you put out to the world. Practical in explanation and application, Treasures of Heaven is perfect for anyone ready to explore their natural ability to create their own magnificent life. If this is you—the ideal book is now at your fingertips. Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering!