Historical Fiction Thriller by Riccardo Bertora

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The Seventh Day of Light:
Part I: Shadows

Historical Fiction Thriller
By Riccardo Bertora

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“Riccardo Bertora’s writing makes completely original use of some adjectives, brings them alive in some ways, but otherwise reminds me quite a bit of 1960s-era Isaac Asimov. Speaking of which: the Cold War era historic detail is exquisite.  Bertora is a wonderful storyteller.”

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The craving for crossing the threshold of new frontiers has carved the tissue of history with the chisel of one of the noblest and most compelling ambitions of mankind – to reach for the stars.

The quest to conquer space began in earnest in the fifth decade of the twentieth century, which saw America and Russia engaged in a daring and frantic space race.

The Russians took two bold steps, which would precede the American Lunar landing: in October 1957 Sputnik One, the first man-made object to escape Earth’s gravitational field, was launched into space and in April 1961, Yuri Gagarin successfully orbited the planet.

According to rumours circulating at the time in Western countries, covert attempts to put a manned satellite into orbit may have occurred in Russia preceding the Soviet success of 1961.

Most momentous events are recorded and duly committed to history. But history itself can be unstable; its truth can be lost in the fog of time, manipulated or worse yet: purposefully hidden.

Was the story of Sergei Federev, a Russian ace test pilot – exclusively chosen for a top secret project to be the first human in space, lost in the fog of time, manipulated or hidden?

Or does the answer lie in the possibility of something else beyond anyone’s imagination.

This recently published debut novel is already receiving good reviews with an Amazon Top 500 Reviewer awarding it 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com. Another reviewer called it one of the best books they’ve read all year. See what the fuss is about.

The Seventh Day of Light contains an extremely fascinating plot and storyline.

Genre: Historical Fiction Thriller

Also contains some sci-fi, interesting historical facts relating to the Cold War Space Race, World War II, fascinating philosophical thoughts, suspense, romance and much more!