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Job Interview Tips That Don’t Suck –

How to Ace a Job Interview (and Land the Frickin’ Job)

By Benjamin Paul


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Most job interview tips consist of little more than:

a) memorize some job interview questions

b) dress up in job interview attire that doesn’t make you look homeless and

c) not sound like a sociopath

And these are all helpful. (Especially the sociopath part.)


But acing your job interview requires more than just wearing a nice pair of shoes and knowing how to answer the “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Crushing your job interview means tailoring your interview to the specific company you’re conversing with.

Using the information that the job description provides you…

In a super, sneaky, ninja way to kill it at the interview (and get the frickin’ job.)

And that’s why I wrote “Job Interview Tips That Don’t Suck”…

In Chapter 1, we cover the “7 Biggest, Brain-Dead Mistakes Applicants Make in their Job Interview” (and How to Avoid Them) – and most of this stuff you’ve never heard before.

In Chapter 2, we go over “Research, Your #1 Job Interview Weapon” – and this goes way beyond the usual, boring old “check out the company website” crap.

In Chapter 3, we share “How to Become a Totally, Unstopabble Amazing Job Interview Applicant” – this chapter alone will make you better than 90% of the applicants out there.

In Chapter 4, we dig into the “Jedi Mind Tricks for the Day of Your Interview” using the latest scientific, ninja secrets.

In Chapter 5, we cover that most strange and bizarre interview form, the phone screener,in “The Phone Interview Made (Stupidly) Easy”

In Chapter 6, “Acing the In-person interview (Like a Boss) – we show you how to put it all together into one kick-ass job interview. (That actually gets you a job offer.)

In Chapter 7, “Closing Out the Interview” – we show you how to leave a great lasting impression, and (subtly) ensure their next phone call will be the one to hire you.

So if you’re tired of all those crappy books with horrible, outdated job interview tips…then give “Job Interview Tips That Don’t Suck” a try!