ROMANCE: Five Years – The Meeting


Five Years – The Meeting


by Leonard Belmont


Five Years Meeting is a sensational book that poetically describes love and our destinies.


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Do you remember when you knew you were falling in love?
Do you recall the thoughts, feeling and emotions you experienced when falling in love?

We have all read or hear love stories at one point or another, but this love is story is very different.

In this five part star-crossed love story, author Leonard Belmont takes us on an emotional journey with his automatic writings of the life of a young couple from the moment they laid eyes on each other.

In this first novel you will meet the young man who decided that he had found the girl of his dreams.

They exchanged their first glance and their eyes locked with sincere understanding, and their first words where simple but so very meaningful.

How the simplest words or gesture have such meaning for young lovers.

The symbolism of the surroundings during their initial encounter stayed true to their life together.

What started with a chance encounter during the college years ended up shaping their future together.

Beginning with the end of their life together, these unique writings open up our minds and our memories of what love is really all about.

The author takes a very emotional trip down memory lane with the inner most thoughts and emotions felt during those intimate moments when love is blooming..



About the Author:

Leonard Belmont is a French Montreal-based writer who enjoys the little things that life has to offer. He first began writing as a way to explore both himself and the world around him. This exploration led to a spiritual journey of discovery.

A parapsychologic writer, Leonard Belmont seeks truth through automatic writing, a process where he lets his inner-most thoughts and ideas flow onto the paper without conscious critique. This autopilot exploration unearths the unconscious secrets our spiritual self keeps from our conscious, critical self.

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