California Pastor – Founder of Comeback Kids Ministries
Helps Those Troubled to Make it Through Tough Times

Meet Pastor Joey Bauer

Pastor Joey Bauer is the Christian Pastor Of Comeback Kids Ministries, to the central California area, mainly Stockton, Ca.

Comeback Kids Ministries is known for its outreach, kindness and love in his arena and an inspiration to the people who think they have no hope. For his age he has a remarkable understanding of the Word of God and is able to speak it to people in a way it “Clicks.” He is a practical man, who admits his faults and preaches that “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, just get back up, again and again.” Endurance is key to his philosophy on life in general. He has been called a “Master of inspirational speaking.” by many. He resides in Stockton, Ca (The city he serves) with his wife Janielle Bauer, and their two children.


Bauer has written a book called: “Free to be Me.” According to Joey:

“The primary message is a lot of people don’t like Church or the Christian beliefs anymore because they feel like everybody, especially pastors are trying to change them but my book is all about Individuality. It speaks about how God made you, to be you, not anybody else. He made you special and unique with a special plan and calling. My Devotional/book sheds light on celebrating Individuality instead of trying to make everybody the same. I like to say, “God didn’t make everybody from cookie-cutters.”


This is the first book published by Comeback Kids Pastor Joey Bauer. Its called “Free to be Me.” It talks about how you are 1 in a world of 6,000,000,000 people and that you still have a very significant role in this world. Pastor Joey says, “I wrote this book, this 7 day challenge so that people can realize their identity in Jesus Christ and celebrate in the uniqueness that God created them in. Just like a diamond, not one is made a like but all are worth a great deal.” We want people to realize that they are different then everybody else, but that is a good thing because God created us that way so that only we could effect certain people or places. God has a great call on the person who celebrates their individuality and doesn’t worry about being different and standing out in the crowd.


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