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Here’s a Great Tool to Prevent Germ Sharing

Teresa Korenstein-Barry Booger
Barry Booger’s Big Ride:
A Booger’s Ride to the Outside

By Teresa Korenstein


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“An awesome tool to teach kids how to avoid spreading germs!”

“This is an amazing resource (that teaches kids how to reduce germ sharing) disguised as a hilariously entertaining adventure”

“Your Kid’s will love to copy Barry Booger’s Big Ride to the Outside…and that’s a good thing for basic illness prevention!”



I wish this book was mandatory reading at every preschool. Every time I see my kids’ preschool classes, there is a child with a finger in his nose or mouth. Kids are naturally curious and they explore their noses and the contents inside, but, unfortunately, this leads to some very unsanitary habits. This is the story of Barry, a Booger, who yearns for a tissue. Barry catches germs inside your nose and when it’s time, he hopes you’ll blow your nose and send him on the Big Boogie Ride.

The Big Boogie Ride is like a roller coaster your boogies ride on when you blow your nose. They love it! Barry knows that some people pick their Boogers with their fingers and don’t send them on the Big Boogie Ride. He witnesses this happening to his good friend Bridget. Barry’s story educates the reader about the function of Boogers. It is also a fun narrative that motivates children to reach for tissues and blow their noses and thereby send Barry on the Big Booger Ride.

Now when a child feels his nose running, he knows it’s Barry, ready and waiting to go on the Big Boogie Ride! What a fun and sanitary option for our kids.