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This business self-help book is not about improving yourself or achieving success through your own skills and merits.


The Bargepole approach is a system to manage information and perceptions to let you succeed – and get seen as indispensable – regardless of how good (or bad) you are at your job.

Excerpt from review in Forbes:

“As far as management books go, Bargepole Management is something of a rare gem.”

“The premise steers clear of the cliché business management titles that attempt to inspire young hopefuls into donating their lives to the cause. It throws out the overused CEO quotes, routine back-breaking ideologies and rituals we’re told to adopt in order to be successful. Instead, it replaces them with insight into an age-old management style that we may be fully accustomed to, but without realizing. It’s one that requires minimum effort, but offers maximum gain. Vandell says: “You don’t have to be a good footballer to be a successful football coach. Everyone can be a bargepole manager. This book just teaches you how to sustain it”


Author Mitch Vandell says:

“Central to the Bargepole system approach is the ability to detach performance from quantifiable measurements such as productivity, efficiency or outcome of specific initiatives. The book shows how the right organizational conditions conducive to applying group psychology can be created to control communication and information to influence overall perceptions to your advantage.”


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