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Love You Love Me Love We

by Arielle Caputo


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A Year-long Journey to happiness full of inspirational quotes, tips for healthy living, ways to spread love in the modern world and becoming a happy healthier you. A 365 page, journal style book. Full of ways to spread love, pay it forward, inspirational quotes, success stories and more.




A Message from the Author: Arielle Caputo



A little background about this book: I was extremely depressed and crying all the time last year. One day after crying non stop, I sat down and started thinking about it all. And all of a sudden a thought shocked me: I have been crying non stop; in the grocery store, class, the library, in my car, on the bus… and not one person ever stopped and said “Miss are you ok?” I was shocked.

But more importantly I was like oh my, how many people did I pass by and I had no clue they were crying? It was that moment, I said, “Ok, enough is enough.” I feel like I am screaming on the top of my lungs for help, yet no one seems to hear me. I am looking for someone to lean on, someone to hold my hand, someone’s shoulder to cry on. T

hat is it, from this point on I am going to be that person for everyone and anyone who needs it. We always hear, If you want love then spread love. Or put love and good out and it will always come back. So I purposed in my heart to do one random good deed a day. Then I started posting my IG videos hoping to encourage others. If you go back to the first few video posts, I am literally crying.

I then went and got Suicide Certified so I could be properly trained on how to respond and help others. I had found my happiness, my inner peace and my passion in life. I wanted to show others that is it possible and the how to. So I wrote this book. Read more to find out my story. I hope you all enjoy and begin your path to happiness.

This book is for everyone: feeling suicidal, depressed, sad, lonely, bored, just ok, wanting more…everyone in all walks of life will, I believe truly benefit.

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