Antisense – Psychological Suspense Thriller



Psychological Suspense Thriller

by R.P. Marshall

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‘Someone broke a window the day we buried my father.’
A split second in time, but for scientist Daniel Hayden this shattering of glass doesn’t just let in the cold winter wind, but also a disturbing secret. What terrible crime lurks in his family’s past? And how far do the sins of the father extend to Daniel’s own life?

As his emotional and scientific worlds blur, Daniel begins to see parallels between his dark urges and the discredited theories of an 18th-century naturalist, Lamarck. His obsessive pursuit for the truth brings him to the edge of sanity, as he is forced to confront the very nature of what makes us who we are, in this compulsively gripping novel.

Antisense combines literary fiction with the sharp, crisp prose and pace of the best suspense novels. The author’s insight into medical science and how it might inform the nature of human behaviour is all the more compelling because it is based on real science. It’s not a whodunit, but a whydunit. Not science fiction, but fiction with real science woven through it. A truly thought provoking and enigmatic work.


Meet the Author: R. P. Marshall

R_MarshallRichard trained in medicine at University College London, specialising in respiratory and critical care medicine. Motivated to find new treatments, he quickly moved into research, obtained a PhD in medical sciences at UCL and has published widely in scientific journals. He now he leads a research team trying to find new drugs for severe lung and kidney and liver diseases.

Writing has always been a strong part of Richard’s working and creative life, his skills originally honed writing medical texts and journal papers. Antisense is his first novel, combining literary themes with the pace of a thriller, whilst drawing upon his experience both as a Doctor of Science and of Medicine. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife, Rachel, and his Les Paul guitar collection.

“As a Doctor, one sees all aspects of the human condition, and from a unique perspective. And the overall goal of medical science is to understand how we tick, so together they provide an incredibly rich seam for fiction. There are so many good starting points for novels it’s difficult to know where to begin!”

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