Loving My Abuser (Child abuse/self-help)

Mike Antheny - Loving Abuser

Loving My Abuser:

Through the eyes of the 7th child

by Mike Antheny

 Child Abuse / Self-help

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In a perfect world, little boys want to emulate their fathers. Mike Antheny was no different. He had a great deal of unconditional love, affection and admiration for his father and he wanted nothing more than to be loved in return.
From the tender age of five, Mike’s father desensitized him with every verbal, mental, emotional and physical beating. Each and every day was filled with abuse. If it wasn’t Mike Antheny that suffered at the hand of his father, it was his mother or one of his seven siblings.
A father is supposed to protect, love and shelter his children but his father was the one they needed protecting from. In today’s society it’s almost unheard of for an African American male to share a part of him that is so personal.
Mike Antheny’s accounts will guide you through the horrific ordeals that he personally experienced day in and day out. Prepare yourself as each incident will tug at your heart, evoke your anger and leave you breathless. This is told from the eyes of the seventh child.


Meet the Author: Mike Antheny

Mike AnthenyMike Antheny was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where he currently resides. He is the seventh of eight children. He has always been considered the more creative child in the family. He started taking pictures at a very early age in which it ultimately became not only his passion, but also his profession. Writing was something Mike Antheny knew he would eventually do because of a burning desire to share his own story.
Five years ago, during the time of writing this story, Mike realized that writing became therapeutic and helped him deal with what was deep inside and therefor he thought just maybe it could help someone else. With that in mind Mike Antheny’s passion for writing grew even larger as he began writing more thought provoking books.