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Alexander Ahlin - I Give You My Heart -sake

I give you my heart: Nana

By Alexander Ahlin


“Let Your Family Know You Love Them”

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This is a true story.
In this short read, with a love poem at the end of every chapter, you will see how the emotions of our beloved uncle, had changed through the course of time.
I wish that, if something, you will take from this book the following:
-Live your life to the fullest,
-Live it well, for you only have one,
-Live as if there was no tomorrow,
and above all:
-Love your family, love those that are closest to you and never be afraid to show them love, to show them your appreciation to be there with them on this life journey.

Tell them that you love them, tell them that they are in your heart, forever!

I have decided to write this book in honor of my Uncle. I shall not state his name, nor the real name of his daughter. May they rest in heaven. Writing this book made me shed tears a couple of times, but somehow we made it through. I believe Joe and Nana are looking down upon us from heaven. I wish, every daughter would have a brave, devoted father like Joe was.