A Moment to Love by D. G. Myerson

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A Moment to Love

by D. G. Myerson



A Moment to Love by D. G. Myerson is an excellent novel. It is a gripping love story that builds suspense throughout the book to an unsuspected ending. The reader will be surprised. The characters are very, very interesting people and their personal lives touch you from the very beginning. A glamorous life revisited in my novels. I have been lucky to enjoy travel, fashion, movies and meet people who make the world an interesting place.


About the Author: D.G. Myerson

dg-DianeMyersonI was told, to write the perfect romance novel, I should have sex in the first pages, and I’ve done that and more.  I’ve had an interesting life, including my years in fashion, my association with Edith Head, academy award designer, owning and buying for my couture boutique, my trips to the shows in Paris and Italy, …”

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