Free Ghost Romance


A Ghost of a Chance

by Portia Perotti


Free Dec. 13-14

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What happens when Katie Jones is stranded for the weekend with a reclusive novelist and his fiendishly clever ghost?

Stranded, for the weekend at least, with a sexy mystery writer and his ghost, Katie Jones must deal with the horror of having no cellphone, no landline, no car, no power, no hope of rescue…and a cozy weekend by the fire with the surly, reclusive novelist and his fiendishly clever ghost who is definitely up to mischief. But her handsome host doesn’t want her there because she is far too much of a distraction…

Marooned with a scatterbrained female who talks to herself, Noah Kincaid finds himself facing a terrifyingly beautiful distraction he doesn’t need. His unwanted house guest is too sassy, too gorgeous, too everything he ever wanted in a woman, and far too engaged to another man. Still, he can’t seem to stop thinking about her even with a three-day deadline looming and absolutely no clue what the last chapter of his latest story should be. But, for his invisible housemate, the stakes are even higher…

Stuck in the hauntingly lonely realm of in-between, where he was destined to remain until he ensured his human would not follow in his own disastrous footsteps, Jeremy had three days to convince Katie she felt more for his master than she did her snobbish, self-centered fiance. Even with a little help from Mother Nature and good old Murphy’s Law, Jeremy knows he only has a ghost of a chance to pull off a perfect end to the Katie and Noah story.