FREE: A step by step guide to flipping Websites


A Flip A Day: A step by step
guide to flipping Websites


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Do you like the idea of making hundreds of dollars for just a few hours work? Who wouldn’t? Well Website Flipping has the potential to do just that. What’s Website Flipping? It’s the business of building websites to sell to the ever growing number of people who are looking for “Off the Shelf” websites.

A Flip A Day is a step by step guide that breaks down the entire process into easy to follow sections. Packed with screen shots to illustrate how it’s done, the different chapters will show you how to find a niche, select a domain name, research keywords, then build, market and sell a website.

Flipping websites is one of the best ways to make money online and A Flip A Day shows you exactly how to do it!
These are the subjects covered:

Ninja Niche Selection
Keyword Research
Domain Names
Nites that Sell and How to Build Them
Maximize Your Income
How to Get Traffic
Sweeten The Deal
Flippa- The Best Place To Sell
How to Transfer a WordPress Website
How to Scale it Up with Outsourcing
Flippa sales letter templates