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A Boatload

by Dwight Holing


FREE March 11 – 15


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“A Boatload delivers.”
“Tart, quick, and hip. Jack McCoul shoots from the lip.”


When scam artist Jack McCoul marries a smart, sexy, and sustainability-minded yoga instructor, he vows to give up his life of crime for good. But then her punk brother pulls a heist and Jack gets caught in the middle of a lethal fight over hot computer chips. On one side is a greedy high-tech billionaire with a larceny streak. On the other is a Chinese triad bent on revenge. Throw in a crew of yacht racers juiced on steroids and a cop who blames him for stealing the love of his life, and it’s all Jack can do to stay one step ahead while sticking to the straight and narrow. When a corpse turns up and Jack’s fingered as the prime suspect, honesty’s no longer the best policy. He needs all the wit and street wisdom he can muster—including help from a semi-reformed gangbanger—to pull off the con of a lifetime if he’s to set things right and avoid a one-way ticket to death row.