592 Tweets, Posts & Quotes:
Ideas for Your Social Media Content


592 Tweets, Posts & Quotes:
Ideas for Your
Social Media Content

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Whether you know everything or nothing about social media, this book will motivate you to get excited about your marketing again. The focus of this text is to assist those who want to benefit from the full potential of social media to promote themselves, their business, or organization. It is packed with ideas for generating goodwill and credibility. Get ready to learn how to successfully engage others and build an effective online presence. Receive strategies for consistently staying positive in your tone and content. Building an effective online presence, building messages, building relationships, building branding, and building business.




About the Author: Jennifer Henczel

592 tweets-jenn-henczelJennifer Henczel, PID is a marketing, communications, and management specialist from Vancouver, BC, Canada. She enjoys providing resources and information to help other entrepreneurs. Her training experience includes facilitating marketing, professional development, and import/export courses in universities, colleges and government funded training centers. She compiled this book based on her studies of communications and social media at a Masters level, combined with questions from clients and students around the world. She offers her expertise and insights through her website: http://www.MarketingMotivator.com