180 Degree Marriage

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180 Degree Marriage Series
Going Back To Eden

by Ramon M. Maisonet


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The 180 Marriage is a life-changing conversation with those who desire to be married, those who are married, and those who are struggling being married.

This conversation discusses the dangers of a husband, who becomes his own authority, and the wife, who fails to see the value of her power as a help meet.

This conversation is about couples that are strong, couples who are barely hanging on, and couples on the brink of divorce.

The 180 Marriage is about God and His principles; it is about real husbands and wives who make it work.


The 180 Marriage features:

– Hollywood Scripts vs. Holy Scriptures

– Love’s 4 Expressions

– The Power of the Help Meet by Minister Sandra Barnes

– Resolving Conflicts of the Tongue and Heart

– Being Unequally Yoked (I’m saved, he’s not)

– The 180-Day Intimacy Challenge

– “Pack Your Bags”-A Message of Forgiveness & Grace by Pastor Gary Ellis, Sr.

– “As You Are”-A Message of Gratitude by Delores Jackson, Marriage Columnist

– Surviving an Affair (The Petraeus Perspective)

Because the truth is that your marriage is going to end up somewhere, why not set the sails and determine the course with God’s hand?