Dark of Night – A Treat for Fans of Suspense Thrillers


Dark of Night
(The Man From the Yard Book 1)


A Suspense Thriller
by Marios Savva


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It now followed her to Whitesands. Everyone who took part in it with her had died horribly. There was no escaping it. It would get her too. Who could save Jane from the inevitable?
Sheriff Jake, the sheriff of Whitesands, a former inspector of Scotland Yard and world renowned detective, now faced his greatest ever challenge. With the help of his best friend and deputy, Chief, these brothers-in-arms will be tried and tested like never before.
The tragedies that ensue will darken the days of Whitesands. Will Jane be saved? Everyone would give their all to do so. But, would it be enough?
It lurks in the shadows to bring destruction to those brave enough – or foolish enough, to try and stop it. It will not be denied. Or will it …..



A Message from the Author: Marios Savva

I am a Psychologist living in Birmingham, England. Although I was born in the UK, I am from the lovely island of Cyprus.I have the fervent desire to write books on psychology for people around the world to read. I like to make my books interesting and with a little humor as some psychology material can get ‘heavy’. STRESS: WE CAN MASTER IT, is my first book in the Psychology and Health series. I have another five books in this series in kindle store: Depression, Body Image, Drugs and Addictions, I want to Sleep, and Know Thyself. I have just published my first novel which is a suspense thriller. I thoroughly believe this novel, as well as the others I am currently working on, will be a great read, as, being a psychologist with experience (and a creative imagination!),I am in a position to create something somewhat unique.  I Hope you enjoy my books.

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Suburban Enterprise – Crime Thriller by J. P. London

JP London - Suburban Enterprise

Suburban Enterprise


Suburban Crime Thriller
by J. P. London


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If You Like Breaking Bad or the Stieg Larsson Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Books, You Will Love J.P. London’s Suburban Enterprise.




Brian has it all as a championship high school athlete in the suburbs, until a devastating injury turns his life upside down in an instant. With his athletic career ruined, and all hopes for a college education gone with it, Brian loses all hope of ever getting out of town and out of poverty.

This town is where you either have money or you want money. Brian figures he will just continue being one of those that wants money. But, he wants it bad.

Then along comes a spider in the form of an old coach, who gives Brian a chance to turn everything around, if he’s willing to pay the price. He shows Brian how he can take the money he wants. Brian must choose on which side of the law he wants to operate. His life depends on it.

When everything starts to spiral out of control, Brian learns he can either lie down and die or come out fighting.
Does he have what it takes to survive?

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Want to learn how to easily optimize your self-hosted WordPress blog and each post you write the correct way?

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Book SALE *Only 99¢* – Romance- DESIRE & PREJUDICE



by Jean-Louis McMillan


On SALE – Dec 15 to 22

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In an instant, Adam’s life has crumbled.
The trauma keeps him awake at night, the pressure squeezing against his lungs, his soul. His life continues on a downward spiral until he’s entirely broken. And he doesn’t know how he’ll ever be whole again.

Until he meets Jasmine.

He finds her while working as an official for the DGSE—France’s external intelligence agency—in Beirut, Lebanon. Their hearts are jolted back to life at the sight of one another, but their erotic affair is a dangerous one.
Jasmine is a woman he cannot have and was never meant to be with.
Her beauty captivates him; her love overwhelms him.
Though Jasmine suffers from her own trauma and feels constricted within the confines of her societal role, she too finds temporary healing and freedom in her wild but secret romance with Adam.

But for how long can they keep their dangerous love a secret?

Desire & Prejudice is a sexy love story with a spy thriller twist by one of the most exciting new authors of 2014. Through the story of Adam and Jasmine, first-time author Jean-Louis McMillan uses the classic tale to explore the modern art of lovemaking and the power of redemption.

Does love have the power to overcome prejudice?
Can it heal a wounded soul?

A realistic, believable story that readers haven’t heard before. Desire & Prejudice is about the healing power of true lovemaking and the damning power of ethnic bias.  The poetic letter takes the reader into the minds of two lovers desperately wanting one another. The erotic descriptions are vivid enough, but scarcely the right quantity of description to know precisely what is going on.


***Author’s Note: This is a contemporary love story with sexual content and strong language. Recommended reading age: 18+



About the Author:

JL McMillan is a retired freelance journalist and first-time author.
He was born in Oran on the Mediterranean coast in Algeria, but left Algeria after a restless childhood and settled in Paris, France, where he earned a degree in Philosophy.

Now, after a turbulent youth and a career that had thrown him into the heart of the hardest battles in the Middle East, Jean-Louis wanders between the Orient and the Occident. He writes as a means to explore, and to heal.

“Desire & Prejudice” is his first book.



The Reluctant Tarot Reader

Raven Mardirosian - trtr

The Reluctant Tarot Reader

by Raven Mardirosian


Memoir/LGBT/New Age/Divination

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She’s a gay girl in Christian world, becoming the healer she was meant to be.

But what do you do with a gift that you really don’t want?

Raven Mardirosian once dreamed of being a missionary. A vet. An English teacher. How did she go from staunch evangelical Christian and promising academic . . . to life as a Tarot reader?

Beginnings: The Fool, The Coyote, The Real Me tells the story of Raven leaving the church with no real plan, and how a Catholic nun opened the door to the Tarot world.

Part II of The Reluctant Tarot Reader is divided into 4 sections of 78 stories that describe Raven’s journey through the suits of the Minor Arcana:

**To Birth, To Flame {Vignettes of Fire}
**To Live, To Heal {Vignettes of Earth}
**To See, To Speak {Vignettes of Air}
**To Love, To Dream {Vignettes of Water}

Read compelling works such as: “How To Be Ageless”, “Steps To Being A Powerful Woman”, “My Anger Wears A Black Hoodie”, “Reiki Love” and “Secrets from the Psychic World”. Get an unflinching view into the mysterious aura of psychics, healers and Tarot readers — straight from an insider.

If it’s time for you to come out of the metaphysical closet, The Reluctant Tarot Reader will help to light the way.

This is the story of a Tarot reader. A reluctant one.


More About Raven:

Raven Mardirosian is the author of the bestselling memoir, “The Reluctant Tarot Reader: Adventures in the Gypsy Trade”. Her essay, “Christian LGBT Kids: You’re Part of the Plan” is included in the New York Times anthology, “It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying and Creating a Life Worth Living”.

She’s written 7 other works of non-fiction: “Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story”; “365 Ways To Keep It Real, Heal Yourself and Be Free”; “Spirit, Flow: A Photographic Prayer”; “The Words Remain: The Best of Shivaya Wellness”; “We Dream Anew: The Best of Shivaya Wellness, Vol. II”; “Chrysalis: Poems of Release” and “Esprit, Vole: Prière photographique.”

Follow her adventures at Shivaya Wellness —

* Raven on Facebook * Raven on Amazon Author Central *



Be Inspired! – An Interview with Francis Nzeutem


Inspirational Interview with:

Francis Nzeutem



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In this brutally honest memoir, a French immigrant with Cameroonian roots rises above his abusive childhood and rebellious teenage years to become an inspirational American success story.

Francis Nzeutem’s parents left impoverished Cameroon for a new life in France before he was born, but they carried the cultural baggage of their homeland with them. Francis’ father beat his children and wife mercilessly, and his mother was powerless to help herself or her kids. Francis studied to earn his father’s approval, but years of abuse left him a rebellious, angry young man. He joined a Parisian gang, and his future looked grim.

FrancisNzeutem-bookHowever, soon visits to Cameroon and the United States would awaken an unquenchable thirst for success. Francis moved to America, married a lovely woman, and started a family. He pushed himself professionally and academically, working his way up the corporate ladder and earning two degrees. Through it all, he rebelled against the tyranny he’d experienced as a child. His own children, he swore, would never fear their father.

From the Streets to Wall Street is the unique story of a Frenchman with African roots who becomes a successful American businessman. In this compelling memoir, Francis experiences the cultures of three continents, embraces the empowering message of old-school political rap music, and puts the past behind him to create a better future for himself and his family.

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Are You in Pain? Meet Dr. David Schechter!

Interview with Pain Reduction Specialist:
Dr. David Schechter


Dr. Schechter is the Author of:
Think Away Your Pain

(Your Brain is the Solution To Your Pain)


Over the last twenty years in private practice, Dr. Schechter has conventionally treated many thousands of individuals for sports injuries, acute back pain, etc. But of interest to many, Dr. Schechter has treated over two thousand chronic pain patients with the TMS/MBS healing model. He has published several papers on his work, mostly while Principal Investigator for the Seligman Medical Institute which funded this work for four years.

Dr. Schechter is in private practice in Beverly Hills and Culver City, California seeing general patients, sports and other musculoskeletal injuries, back pain, etc. He is internally known for his work with chronic pain– pain that persists, is difficult to diagnose and has not been successfully treated by conventional and alternative approaches.


Dr. Schechter is able to explain the mechanism involved and tell you not only what to think about pain but challenge you to explore how to think about pain to get relief…

Andrew Weil, MD, Author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health and Healthy Aging


*** Interview ***


DavidSchechter_pain book Your book addresses a very common and challenging problem: pain. With so many traditional and alternative medicine treatment options available to pain sufferers, how are your methods different?

Most pain treatment methods are based upon the premise of a bio-mechanical reason for the pain. In Think Away Your Pain (Your Brain is the Solution to Your Pain), we explain a brain-based, mind-body, psychological and cognitive based treatment method.


Are these methods practical for most people and for most types of pain? Who is most likely to benefit and least likely?

If your problem is truly structural, the program is not for you. The program however is for the millions of people with prolonged, persistent, chronic pain that has been hard or Impossible to treat effectively in conventional and alternative medicine. The pain persists, it’s hard to pinpoint ,the treatments don’t work, or are temporary and…. The stress is building up and makes the pain worse.


How difficult is it for someone to master your methods so that pain relief is achieved?

Like anything worthwhile, it takes some time and effort. But the point is—it’s a treatment you learn and empowers you to heal. It can end the seemingly endless trips to practitioners to seek relief. Rather, it teaches you to change the neural pathways responsible for the persistent pain.


How long does it generally take for these methods to yield results?

Varies from person to person. Some relief—days to weeks. Much relief, more weeks. Complete relief, a few months, sometimes less, sometimes more.


What is your message for skeptics who see your suggestions as example of “guru science” that causes people to reject proven traditional medical treatments?

I provide lots of scientific evidence from brain research, psychology research, neuroscience, that supports this approach in various ways. The scientific evidence is very powerful that this is not ‘guru’ science, or trickery. It is actually a brain-based, scientifically supported, research proven method for effective treatment of chronic pain in the back, neck, arms, pelvis, etc.


Is this your first book?     

No, The MindBody Workbook has been selling for fifteen years.


Tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?

I wanted more people to learn about this treatment approach and method given the success I have had with over 2000 patients in my office.   I wanted to update the work of prior authors in this field.


Is this book part of a series? Do you have related books?

Related items include the MindBody Workbook as well as educational CD’s and DVD”s entitled The MindBody Audio Program and the MindBody Patient Panel


What do you want our audience to know about you? 

I learned this method when Dr. John Sarno treated me for pain while I was a medical student.


Who do you think will benefit most from this book? Who are you speaking to?     

I’m speaking to the pain sufferer who is willing to look at his/her problem in a fresh way, be open to a new paradigm (approach) and is willing to think psychologically, not physically about the problem.   (the brain, not the back, so to speak)


What do you hope readers will “take away” from reading your book?   

That there is hope for people who haven’t been helped by other bio-medical approaches to pain. That the mind plays a huge role in health and disease AND that your mind can be the solution to your pain problem.




Dr. Schechter did his undergraduate work at Princeton and attended NYU Medical School (where he worked with John Sarno MD). He went west, as they say, to do his residency in Family Medicine at UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital. After residency he taught at the USC School of Medicine and obtained a CAQ in Sports Medicine and worked with athletic teams in the downtown area. Dr. Schechter moved toward private practice, reconnected with John Sarno, MD and his mind-body practice was rekindled.

He has also written The MindBody Workbook and created The MindBody AudioProgram and MindBody Patient Panel to educate patients about this condition. These materials are used as part of a home program by most of his TMS patients.

Dr. Schechter is on the medical staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and has lectured widely at conferences, etc. Dr. Schechter’s most recent book, Think Away Your Pain, was just published.

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FREE Travel Guide – RIO for Partiers

CrisNog-Rio for Partiers

Grab this Award Winning
Travel Guide!

RIO for Partiers

by Cristiano Nogueira



Get It FREE thru Dec.25

Rio for Partiers is a travel guide to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) designed for red blooded tourists.

It outlines, in a step-by-step manner, all the must-see tours of Rio: relaxing tours (exactly where to go to unwind), adventure sports (who to contact for instructions), cultural (the essential tours) and rainy day ideas (what to do in Rio when it’s raining).

It also goes into detail on what every tourist must try: from snacks to tropical fruit juices, to Brazilian cuisine to local drinks. Thirdly, it lays out the nightlife scene, giving each day of the week the best option for: clubbing, live music, street parties or bars.

Lastly, it offers dozens of tips on topics like safety, prices and how to deal with Brazilian boys and girls. But what makes Rio for Partiers even more desirable is that it can save the tourist lots of money: the publishers have partnered with sports instructors, bars and restaurants to get them to offer a discount or bonus to bearers of our book: just show the cupons in the back and you are automatically entitled to free drinks, discounts to daily rates and VIP entrance (no waiting in line) at the best bars and clubs. In short, Rio for Partiers tells you everything you need to know to have a blast in Rio.






The Secrets of Julia Hawke by Brenda Cheers

Brenda Cheers_Secrets of Julia Hawke

The Secrets of Julia Hawke

by Brenda Cheers


Book Genre/Subject: Fiction *Women’s Fiction * Coming of age * contemporary women

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Julia Hawke and her friend Rachel are celebrating the end of their final year of schooling. They deceive their parents and embark on an adventure to the Gold Coast of Queensland.

Many years later, Julia is still keeping secrets in an attempt to hide what happened during those few, fateful days. A series of events force her to realise that keeping these secrets comes at too great a cost. What can Julia do to regain the trust of those she loves?

“The Secrets of Julia Hawke” explores, not only the destructive nature of secrets, but also the miracle of unconditional friendship.


Meet the Author: Brenda Cheers

Brenda_Cheers_printfinal_4in_x_4inBrenda Cheers is a novelist and short story writer, living in Brisbane, Australia. Her passions are art-house motion pictures and literary fiction. “The Secrets of Julia Hawke” is her sixth published novel.

Brenda is known for doing everything in life very quickly so it came as no surprise to the people closest to her that once she decided on a career as a novelist, it all happened with blinding speed.

A course in Creative Writing was quickly followed by a more advanced one. She began drafting her first novel and then completed three full manuscripts in the next two years.

Her great love is Literary Fiction and this is what she aims to write. Fast-paced suspense novels are what fly from her fingertips, however and these tend to feature strong-willed female protagonists as in ‘In a House in Yemen’ and ‘In Times of Trouble’.

In her third novel, ‘In Conversations with Strangers’ there is a different mood. It has a slower pace and the character is troubled and flawed. Brenda felt it was harder to write but more rewarding.

“In Strange Worlds” was published in January 2014. This is a suspense novel which contains surprises and twists. Brenda completed four full drafts before being satisfied with the result, but she found the work enjoyable because the story held her interest.

Connect with Brenda:

See all of her books on Amazon

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ROMANCE: Five Years – The Meeting


Five Years – The Meeting


by Leonard Belmont


Five Years Meeting is a sensational book that poetically describes love and our destinies.


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Do you remember when you knew you were falling in love?
Do you recall the thoughts, feeling and emotions you experienced when falling in love?

We have all read or hear love stories at one point or another, but this love is story is very different.

In this five part star-crossed love story, author Leonard Belmont takes us on an emotional journey with his automatic writings of the life of a young couple from the moment they laid eyes on each other.

In this first novel you will meet the young man who decided that he had found the girl of his dreams.

They exchanged their first glance and their eyes locked with sincere understanding, and their first words where simple but so very meaningful.

How the simplest words or gesture have such meaning for young lovers.

The symbolism of the surroundings during their initial encounter stayed true to their life together.

What started with a chance encounter during the college years ended up shaping their future together.

Beginning with the end of their life together, these unique writings open up our minds and our memories of what love is really all about.

The author takes a very emotional trip down memory lane with the inner most thoughts and emotions felt during those intimate moments when love is blooming..



About the Author:

Leonard Belmont is a French Montreal-based writer who enjoys the little things that life has to offer. He first began writing as a way to explore both himself and the world around him. This exploration led to a spiritual journey of discovery.

A parapsychologic writer, Leonard Belmont seeks truth through automatic writing, a process where he lets his inner-most thoughts and ideas flow onto the paper without conscious critique. This autopilot exploration unearths the unconscious secrets our spiritual self keeps from our conscious, critical self.

Connect with Leonard:
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