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Aya Knight

Interview with:
Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy Author

Aya Knight



*** Meet Aya Knight ***


Aya Knight was born in South Florida, where she spent the majority of her childhood. At a young age she developed a strong passion for fantasy and a love of writing.Through movies, books and video/computer games she would escape into an alternate reality filled with adventure, magic and epic quests. As Aya entered adulthood, she expressed her enjoyment of writing through becoming a freelance journalist. She wrote about a broad variety of topics that gave her a brighter insight of the world.

Eventually a story began to develop within her mind involving characters she immediately grew attached to. Aya knew that she needed to compile her thoughts onto paper. She grew so intrigued with the evolving storyline that she placed all hopes within the hands of her imagination, leaving journalism behind. Aya now works as a full-time novelist, where she continues to pursue her passion. In addition, Aya is also CEO of Silver Knight Publishing. A traditional publisher of quality books. Aya is a bestselling, award-winning author.



*** Interview ***


Tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?

Aya Knight - The Chronicles of Kale - Dragons AwakeningThe Chronicles of Kale: A Dragon’s Awakening is the first in a series of three. It’s the story of a young dragon, who despises human-kind. Through a twist of events he finds himself turned into one of us, and then thrown into our world—completely out of his element. It’s his story as he tries to return to the life he once knew, while embarking upon a whirlwind adventure along the way.

I’ve always enjoyed the fantasy genre. I think it just offers such a great escape from reality, into worlds where fantastic things are possible. I was inspired to write a long time ago, during my days hearing my father tell bedtime stories and creating wild Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. In my 20’s, the idea behind ‘Kale’ pressed on my mind, and a world began to develop. I knew that I had to get these thoughts onto paper—and thus, The Chronicles of Kale was ‘born’.


Have you always enjoyed writing?

Absolutely. I think it’s deeply ingrained as a part of me. There’s just something about being able to create vast worlds, through the power of words. You become the puppet-master in your own universe—where the possibilities are boundless. I’ve scribbled stories on paper since I was much younger.


How did writing this book help you?

A lot happened during progress on the first novel. There were highs, and deep lows. I think that funneling emotion into the manuscript not only helped me cope with things happening, but also brought the characters to life—their trials, emotions, and hardships became real, in a sense. Though the story is fiction, there are aspects that were taken from my life, on an emotional level, and funneled into the book. For example, Illadar coping with the loss of a loved one was channeled from my own loss of a relative. It was a way that I could release inner feelings that I otherwise wouldn’t speak of.


What’s next? Is there something you’re working on now?

Most definitely! I’m not sure if I’ll ever leave writing behind. Now that The Chronicles of Kale trilogy has come to a close, I am working on a couple of other projects. A young-adult apocalyptic novel is in the works, as well as (without revealing too much) a stand-alone novel that plays upon Kale’s world.


What do you hope readers will “take away” from reading your book?

I hope they will finish having felt that they’ve just taken a vacation from reality; that they’ve joined the characters on the adventure of a lifetime. I want it to be a fun and enjoyable read that offers a break from daily stresses. My hopes are that the ‘world’ doesn’t just appear on paper to them, but in their minds, as they are immersed within an alternate reality.


What advice would you give to other Indie Writers or those who dream of writing a book?

I would definitely say to push yourself. If you have a passion to write, you absolutely must give it your all. Make it a point to write a little every day—even if it’s only a sentence or two. It keeps you moving forward and engaged in the work. Even on days when it might seem difficult to bring yourself to sit and scribble a few lines, I feel it’s important to keep working towards the end. If you need inspiration, read other books. It’s a great way to see how others interpret things, and can help improve literary abilities.


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Author Interview with Oliver Phipps

Oliver Phipps

Meet Author Oliver Phipps:

Oliver served as a Paratrooper in the United States Army and studied at MSC. In the late 1980s through mid 90s Oliver persued his love of music. He enjoyed traveling, playing percussion and writing lyrics for popular bands. During this time Oliver also began writing short stories and articles.

After playing for thousands through the fall and winter of 1996 Oliver’s band abruptly disbanded. In early spring of 1997 Oliver, along with a good friend and guitarist got together with the intention to form a new group. But rather than form a new band the two put together an expedition plan for traveling to Northern Canada and Alaska in order to prospect for gold.

Leaving in April of 1997 Oliver and company traveled up the historic AL-CAN highway. After exploring the Yukon and Northwest territories of Canada as well as the Arctic Circle the team traveled over the Top of the World highway to Alaska.

1999-2000 Oliver traveled through Asia, visiting Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan among other countries.

In 2004 Oliver published his first book and continues to write books, articles and short stories. Currently Oliver and family reside happily in the U.S.


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Oliver Phipps - Where the Strangers LiveIs this your first book?
Actually, this is my eighth fiction book. I’ve also written a number of nonfiction books, but these have been published under a pen name that I don’t associate with my fiction works.


Tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?
My newest book, Where the Strangers Live, is a Science Fiction story complete with aliens and an alien world, mixed in with ancient mythological beasts and creatures of this planet. To make things even more interesting the story unfolds over four miles below the Indian Ocean. The inspiration for Where the Strangers Live was actually a dream of mine. The plot occurred almost entirely in this dream and when I woke up I immediately jotted notes down for later. It’s not often that great story ideas come so easily. I fortunately recognized this one and followed up on it.


Is this book part of a series? Do you have related books? (explain)
This is a stand alone story. However, there may be a sequel at some point in the future. As I completed Where the Strangers Live I realized there would certainly be sufficient material for a great follow up story. I’ve also had a number of requests from fans that I do a sequel, so I’ve slowly moved closer to putting one in the line up.


Have you always enjoyed writing?
I have always enjoyed writing. My mother still has a story I wrote when I was around ten years old. I vaguely remember it, but she’s often mentioned how great it is. I suspect that’s more the mother in her talking than the story being good. But it is at least an indication of how long I’ve enjoyed writing.


What do you want our audience to know about you?
As a writer, I will always stay true to the story. A good writer must do this I feel and though it’s not always the easy thing to do, it’s what the reader deserves. I’ve read books that may have started out as a great idea but at some point the writer veered from what must happen and derailed the story. I don’t expect the reader to always be happy with everything that happens in my books. If a beloved character must die, he or she will die in my stories. It’s not a pleasant thing for me either, but the story must stay true till the end and I will always remain on this course.


What’s next? Is there something you’re working on now?
I generally work on no less than two projects at a time. I have a psychological thriller that should be released by mid year. I also hope to publish the first book of an action/adventure trilogy before year end. Somewhere in between these two projects I hope to publish another short novella.


What advice would you give to other Indie Writers or those who dream of writing a book?
My advice would be to focus on helping others with your talent. Whether it’s a self help book or to entertain, if you truly write to better this world in some small way then you’ll be successful in the end.


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ECHO’S Revenge: A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller

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Winner of the 2012 Parent’s Choice Award, recipient of the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval!

The entire gaming community, including top competitor Claire Hamilton, is in awe of fourteen-year-old Reggie King who can take just minutes to destroy the demonic game boss, ECHO-6, in the bestselling video game, ECHO’S Revenge. Reggie can’t wait to test himself against the game’s new and improved monster: ECHO-7. To Reggie, ECHO’S Revenge is more than just a game; it’s his way to escape the harsh reality at home.

But there’s a glitch in the new release of ECHO-7. The game developers release a live version of the monster into the real world and now a 35-foot tall extreme predator clad in impenetrable armor with the power to shape-shift and turn invisible is hunting down every elite gamer who ever defeated it in previous versions. One by one, elite ECHO gamers are disappearing. And now, ECHO-7 is after Reggie.

Reggie fears that the monster will also go after his younger brother Jeremy who’s been steadily racking up plenty of monster-kill points himself. Determined to keep him safe, Reggie hatches a plot to destroy the monster and save fellow gamers. But can he figure out how to use his gaming instincts in the real world? And, can Claire help Reggie understand who he really is, so he can reach the next level?

Echo’s Revenge delivers non-stop, adrenaline-pumping action with a hero who is learning that it takes action to bridge the gap between fantasy and the real world—and that family loyalty is sometimes the trickiest game of all.

“Compelling reading for the tween male gamer demographic…about a young boy who finds adventure, courage and teamwork away from the computer screen.” — Breitbart Reviews




Coffee, Cigarettes and Crisis
A Romantic Comedy by Jana Misho

Jana Misho - Book  border
Coffee, Cigarettes and Crisis


A romantic comedy / urban /
a quarter-life crisis of an almost parisian

by Jana Misho


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A girl in a loving relationship with Paris, with two best friends and a father figure she found in Pigalle, leads a perfectly designed life, in her Gare du Nord apartment, with a wonderful job and a lot of coffee.

Yet, one spilled coffee, one lost job, and one small flood later, Paris fails in always being a good idea, and manages to mock the heroine in every step. She slowly forgets what peace and boredom feels like, and learns that quarter life crisis is not only a thing, but it’s happening to her. As if that’s not enough, she finds herself batting her eye-lashes at a man she didn’t even notice before. Mothering complicated and eccentric friends, fighting with the person whose indigo shade of eyes she noticed just five minutes ago, also contributes to a chaos which is very unnerving for a person who simply doesn’t like turbulence. And when your father figure is in fact a bohemian art enthusiast who works at/owns a strip club on Pigalle, all the advice you can get puts things into a rather unique perspective.

Growing up can be quite difficult, especially when it’s happening some time after you decided you’ve completed that process. Especially when all you can think about is escaping yourself, and Paris simply won’t let you do that.



About the Author: Jana Misho

Jana MishoI am a new author and I write things I want to read. I spent my whole childhood going in and out of Paris, and it is my inspiration on every level. I love Salvador Dali, espresso and urban scenery and even though my first book is an urban romantic comedy, I love Tolkien and I’m biting my nails until GRRM’s The Winds of Winter comes out.

I am 28, I paint and drink coffee a lot. If you want to make me miserable, all you have to do is put me somewhere in the country, with no buildings, no asphalt and no service. I’ll probably bring my laptop and write there anyway, and my shoes will be totally inappropriate.


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5150: A Transfer by Duncan MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod - 5150

5150: A Transfer

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by Duncan MacLeod


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Set in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district in the 1980’s, 5150 depicts a failure in the rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. When young, gay Ethan Lloyd awakens to tremors he is first convinced they are little earthquakes. They turn out to be a forewarning of a psychotic episode that lands him first in jail, and then transferred or “5150’ed” to the mental hospital. Told in the first person with an extremely unreliable narrator, the book drags the reader into the world of madness and mental hospitals, with only the occasional gasp for air in the agreed-upon common reality most of us share. Ethan’s struggle to regain his sanity is pockmarked with psychosis and cigarette smoke intertwined in a coffee-ringed world of hairspray, dyed black hair, hobos, and hospital gowns. Were it not for society’s waterlogged safety nets, he might never have returned to share his tale of survival.


About the Author: Duncan MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod
Duncan MacLeod is a native Californian who was transplanted to the East Coast for boarding school and a failed semester at a prestigious Ivy League school. He returned to California to finish his education at San Francisco State University, where he majored in Film and Italian. He directed a feature documentary “La Lucha/The Struggle,” performed lead autoharp in the band “The Acres,” and is author of the semi-autobiographical novel “5150.” Currently, he lives in greater Los Angeles with his partner Rafael and his dog Patsy. He is working on “1/2″ – the sequel to 5150, due out in 2015.








HOA Wire – A Legal Thriller/Crime Mystery

Kenneth Eade - HOA_wire

HOA Wire

A Legal Thriller/Courtroom Drama:
Pulp Thriller/Crime Mystery
(Brent Marks Legal Thrillers Book 3)
by Kenneth Eade


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If you are a fan of fast-paced, action-packed thrillers that combine corruption and murder with courtroom drama, then ‘HOA Wire’ is the novel for you.
The President of the Local Homeowners Association is Murdered, and Every Resident is a Suspect.


HOA Wire successfully weaves crime and courtroom to such a degree that the unexpected conclusion comes as both a successful, logical outcome and as a real surprise. With its real insights on HOA processes and neighbor disputes, HOA Wire is a deft exploration of attorney-client ethics on the line, and is crime/courtroom writing at its best.

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review


“HOA Wire is much more than a suspenseful, fast-paced crime novel; it is a courtroom drama that will remind readers of pulp thrillers and will keep them glued to the pages. Eade is brilliant when it comes to creating complicated, intriguing stories that end in mind-blowing surprises, and some have said that his novels will remind readers of John Grisham, proving that Kenneth Eade deserves to be on the same lists with the world’s greatest thriller authors.”

-I Publisher News


The president of the Orange Grove Homeowners Association is murdered and there are plenty of suspects – in fact everyone who lives in Orange Grove. Brent Marks thinks he is dealing with a routine foreclosure defense until his client is implicated in the crime and calls upon Brent to defend her. To make matters worse, another client’s destiny is about to cross their path. Is Brent defending an innocent or guilty client? At the crossroads of morality and ethics, the courtroom drama explodes, while the action outside the courtroom spirals out of control.

Searing, exhilarating and topical, ‘HOA Wire’ puts a new spin on Homeowners Associations’ excessive controls over property owners.



About the Author: Kenneth G. Eade

Best Selling Author Kenneth G. Eade is the author of the first GMO thriller, “An Involuntary Spy,” the Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series; “Predatory Kill” and “A Patriot’s Act;” and “Bless the Bees” and its children’s counterpart, “A, Bee, See.” He is an international business lawyer, based in Los Angeles, California and living in France, specializing in international law, business, Internet Law, transactional and corporate law, complex business litigation, and securities litigation. Mr. Eade is a member of the Bar of California, the federal District Court for the Central District of California, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. He holds a Juris Doctor in Law from Southwestern University School of Law, and a B.A. in Liberal Studies from California State University, Northridge. He is also an accomplished filmmaker and a freelance writer for the Los Angeles Daily Journal.


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FURbidden is a 19,000 word Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance. This is a standalone novella and the second in the Sexy in Fur series. These paranormal romances can be read in any order. The story includes strong sexual themes and language.



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Conquer the Frozen Heart by Joy Mastroianni

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Conquer the Frozen Heart

A sexy, medieval, romance fantasy
by Joy Mastroianni


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Many centuries ago, the great Oracle foretold of a Prophesy. To save the worlds of man and magic, twin girls of Fire and Earth must marry twin boys of Water and Air.


It came to be in the early 1400s that the sets of twins were born. The Fairy Princess Alanna is from a magical land filled with mythical beings. She has known since birth that in order to save her lands and
those of mankind she must marry Alec Kincaid, the Warlord of the Legion of the Ice Warriors … and the man of her dreams.


Alec has been trained all his life to fight and lead his men into battles that he has never lost. He has been with hundreds of women, and not for conversational purposes.


Marrying a Fairy Princess was not in his plans, prophesy be damned. Alanna believes with her whole heart and soul that Fire unites with Water. Can the Fairy Princess melt the Ice Warrior’s frozen heart? Let the battle begin!