Easy Cooking for Single Moms *Only 99¢*

Hattie Wimberly-EasyCooking

Easy Cooking
for Single Moms:


How to cook meals in minutes

by Hattie Wimberly

*Only 99¢*


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“Easy Cooking for Single Moms” is an amazing recipe book formulated for all those hardworking single mothers, who have to work 8hrs a day, sometimes more, to provide a meal for their children. This book eases some of the stresses single mothers go through while caring for their family. So enjoy these quick, resourceful and easy recipes, because no mom should go through caring for her children alone. But not to fear, “Easy Cooking for Single Moms” is here to help!


Free Steamy Romance – ROYAL DECEPTION

DECEPTION – Love, Lust, Revenge and a palace full of liars

by Eve Rabi

FREE thru May 27


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When Henna Day, who is living in poverty, is hand-picked by Queen Karisma of Asokastan for Crown Prince Vijay, her family thinks they’ve hit the jackpot. Finally, they will have food on the table. Little do they know that Prince Vijay, is not only gay, but he is also slightly retarded. The deception is something young Henna can live with, until Queen Karisma demands an heir, threatening to have the marriage annulled if Henna fails to produce one. Ashamed and having no choice, Henna, with the aid of her lady-in-waiting, sets her sights on handsome New Yorker, Rusty Carrington, fencing instructor to Prince Vijay. Since Rusty has never met Princess Henna and is on contract in Asokastan for just six months, things go smoothly between Henna and Rusty and before long, she is pregnant with Rusty’s child.
Immediately, and without saying goodbye, she disappears from Rusty’s life. Rusty is confused when he cannot locate Henna, but as scheduled, he moves back to New York. Back home, he cannot get Henna out of his mind and it isn’t long before he realizes he has been duped. Furious, he returns to Asokastan with plans to find Henna and bring her to justice for whatever scam she’s running. If he cannot find her, he plans to enlist Queen Karisma’s help. Not only is she his personal friend, but she has made it clear she fancies him.
WARNING: MATURE CONTENT: Course language, sex scenes, violence, racial themes, drug references.

Connect with the Author:

Eve Rabi lives in Sydney Australia, but was born in South Africa. She is the author of 21 books and is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, her alpha males and her ability to make you cry and make you laugh as you fall in love.




A Story of Spiritual Surrender – FREE May 24 – 26

Emily Adams- Dear Emily

Dear Emily, You are enough.
Love, God:
A Story of Spiritual Surrender

(and Other Tales from
a Weird, Unknown Girl)


By Emily Adams

FREE May 24 to 26

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Ever wondered what you were meant to do with your life? Questioned whether or not there’s a path laid out for you, with a greater — higher — purpose? Meet Emily. A young girl fresh out of college who’s determined to find an answer.

Beginning her journey in Bali, Indonesia, working as a French teacher for an international language school, she sets off in search of adventure and “the life of her dreams.” Less than one week in, however, when faced with an unexpected health crisis and an onset of panic that her plans aren’t working out quite as she’d imagined, she’s forced to reckon with the terrifying truth that deep down inside, she has no idea what she’s doing — a recurring fear throughout the next five years of her restless twenties.

Follow the twists and turns of Emily’s spiritual and emotional journey through Bali, corporate America, an embarrassing attempt at entrepreneurship, and a peculiar relationship with a boy in Sweden, as she learns what it means to feel secure within herself; understanding that the real power to create the life she wants isn’t found by “becoming” someone else, but through loving and accepting herself — exactly as she is.


Diver Creed Station – Science Fiction Cyberpunk

Oliver Phipps - Diver Creed Station

Diver Creed Station

Science Fiction

by Oliver Phipps



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Wars, disease and a massive collapse of civilization have ravaged the human race of a hundred years in the future. Finally in the late twenty- second century, mankind slowly begins to struggle back from the edge of extinction.

When a huge “virtual life” facility is restored from a hibernation type of storage and slowly brought back online, a new hope materializes.

Fragments of humanity begin to move into the remnants of Denver and the Virtua-Gauge facilities, which offer seven days of virtual leisure for seven days work in this new and growing social structure.

Most inhabitants of this new lifestyle begin to hate the real world and work for the seven day period inside the virtual pods. It’s the variety of luxury role play inside the virtual zone that supply’s the incentive needed to work hard for seven days in the real world.

In this new social structure a man can work for seven days in a food dispersal unit and earn seven days as a twenty first century software billionaire in the virtual zone. As time goes by and more of the virtual pods are brought back online life appears to be getting better.

Rizette and her husband Oray are young technicians that settle into their still new marriage as the virtual facilities expand and thrive.

Oray has recently attained the level of a Class A Diver and enjoys his job. The Divers are skilled technicians that perform critical repairs to the complex system, from inside the virtual zone.

His title of Diver originates from often working in the secure “lower levels” of the system. These lower level areas are the dividing space between the real world and the world of the virtual zone. When the facility was built, the original designers of the virtual system intentionally placed this buffer zone in the programs to avoid threats from non-living virtual personnel.

As Oray becomes more experienced in his elite technical position as a Diver, he is approached by his virtual assistant and forced to make a difficult decision. Oray’s decision triggers events that soon pull him and his wife Rizette into a deadly quest for survival.

The stage becomes a massive and complex maze of virtual world sequences as escape or entrapment hang on precious threads of information.

System ghosts from the distant past intermingle with mysterious factions that have thrown Oray and Rizette into a cyberspace trap with little hope for survival.


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The Perpetual Paycheck – 5 Secrets to Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Earning Income for Life

Lori Rassas - Perpetual PaycheckThe Perpetual Paycheck:

5 Secrets to Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Earning Income for Life in the Loyalty-Free Workplace.



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Right now is the perfect time to be looking for a job, because there are more opportunities for employees than ever before.

That may seem hard to believe… but it’s true.


Few people recognize what’s happening in today’s job market. Even fewer people have the tools they need to access those rewards. Today’s workplace may be loyalty-free, but this environment can propel employees to assert their workplace independence and use this unprecedented flexibility to truly soar.

The Perpetual Paycheck: 5 Secrets to Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Earning Income for Life in the Loyalty-Free Workplace is a nuts-and-bolts guide you can use to not only survive, but thrive. Offering a contrarian approach backed up by actual current workplace experiences, author Lori Rassas provides practical, accessible job-finding secrets for those looking for a new job, those looking to solidify their current position, those looking to advance their position, and those looking to change careers or industries.

Don’t you deserve a good job with benefits that provides you with the economic security to live a full life? The answer is a resounding yes, and there has never been a better time to achieve that than now. Improved material benefits are within everyone’s reach—and by adopting the five attitudes and approaches outlined in this book, you’ll be that much closer to having them in your grasp.


About the Author:

Lori Rassas currently has her own consulting practice offering training workshops, providing guidance on employment law and human resources matters, and working with individuals trying to navigate the workplace. She also regularly gives career advice to students from diverse populations through her work as a member of the adjunct faculty at The Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University, Fordham University School of Law, The Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution at Cornell University, and Berkeley College. Lori is also a recognized expert on employment law and career issues, and has been quoted in a number of publications, including The New York Times, CNNMoney, Fortune, USA Today College, Newsday, American Medical News, and

Contact the author on LinkedIn, visit her website at, follow her on Twitter (@lorirassas) or connect with her consulting practice on Facebook at




FREE Kids Book That Boosts Vocabulary

Roee Book Cover 1

*FREE May 22 – 24*

High Above Each Cloud


An Enchanting Children’s Book That Captivates PreSchoolers and Effortlessly Expands Comprehension and Vocabulary


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by Roee Anuar


Sun and Moon have started pouting, she is yelling, he is shouting,
both declare and both protest, “I’m the one who’s loved the best!”

Sun has made a bold attempt, “today, at last, I will not set.
I will shine all through the night, then you’ll see that I am right.
But if I am to be mistaken, with the stars I’ll find my haven.
The skies will have just one sole light, a lonely moon, a darkened bright.”

Roee Anuar’s debut book tells the tale of the sun and the moon, both trying to determine who is most preferred by the people of the earth, all with a language that respects children.



A Coming of Age Adventure – A Tempest Soul –
FREE May 21-22

Oliver Phipps - A Tempest Soul

FREE May 21- 22

A Coming of Age Adventure

by Oliver Phipps

A Tempest Soul

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Seventeen year old Gina Falcone has been alone for much of her young life. Her father passed away while she was young. Her unaffectionate mother eventually leaves her to care for herself when she is only thirteen.

Though her epic journey begins in 1920 by an almost deadly mistake, Gina will find many of her hearts desires in the most unlikely of places. The loss of everything is the catalyst that brings her to an unimagined level of accomplishment in her life.

Yet Gina soon realizes it is the same events that brought her success that may also bring everything crashing down around her. The new life she has built soon beckons for something she left behind. Now the new woman must find a way to dance through a life she could have never dreamed of.



No Need To Diet – Just SWAP


Interview with:

Wissal Merkhi

Author of:

No Need To Diet – Just SWAP


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Is this your first book?

Firstly, thank you for interviewing me. It’s an honor to be featured on Book Tour Radio and yes, Just Swap is my first book, but I am working on another fiction book, which will be coming soon.

Thinswaps Author

Tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?

Just Swap is a book that has food swaps that will save you hundreds of calories daily, which will result in a quick weight loss. So basically you will lose weight without changing your food or dieting.

As a nutritionist, I have always been asked this question: “how can I lose weight without going through a strict diet?” or “I love my home country food, but I want to lose weight.” That’s why I came up with this idea: NO NEED TO DIET. Just make some small easy swaps in the same food category.


Have you always enjoyed writing?

I love writing and reading; it’s my passion. When I travel, I always have three things in my bag: a book, a notebook, and an apple.


When did you first know that you had a passion for writing?

It was during my secondary school years. In an Arabic class I got the highest mark in writing, and my teacher told me: I have never given that mark to anyone, and I am giving it to you. I wasn’t exactly convinced about my writing skills, but from that day I started writing and never stopped.


What type of work do you do? Is it related to your writing in some way?

Yes, I am a nutritionist and health adviser. I worked with the biggest health-conscious companies in Dubai, plus I write about healthy living in magazines and make healthy food menus for bakeries and restaurants.


What do you want your audience to know about you?

I am a simple Moroccan lady. I’m extremely attached to my family; I take their opinion into consideration for every step I make. I am also into charity works, which give me an inner peace. My passion is traveling and visiting new places.


How did writing this book help you?

The journey of writing this book was extremely wonderful. I met so many people who have health problems due to their weight issues, and helping them to change their eating habits into healthy ones was a great achievement. I felt overwhelmed to get messages or phone calls thanking me for the advice or the meal plan that I gave them.


Was there someone special in your life that encouraged you to follow your passion?

It has to be Mr. James, the Chief Editor of Spafaery and Everninzs magazines In Dubai. He encouraged me and gave me great confidence in myself. Because of him I can call myself an author.


What’s next? Is there something you’re working on now?

Yes, I am working on a short story called “I Love You Shaitana.” It’s based on a real story that happened in Dubai.


What do you hope readers will “take away” from reading your book?

I can guarantee one thing: that they will lose weight without changing their food habits or following any special diet. It’s simple, practical, and easy to follow. I would never recommend something I didn’t try or that I don’t believe in.


Who do you think will benefit most from this book? Who are you speaking to?

Everyone who wants to lose weight and lead a healthy life style will benefit from my book. Just Swap contains low-calorie; healthy food swaps for any type of food that you can imagine.


What advice would you give to other Indie Writers or those who dream of writing a book?

Write about something that you are passionate about, don’t waste time, and go for it: take a pen and start writing now.


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FREE Book: Positive Leadership & Change

Marcella Bremer - Positive Change

Positive Leadership & Change -


leadership articles that help you make a difference: Collection 1
by Marcella Bremer


FREE May 19 – 23


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Would you like a vibrant, energized workplace, engaged coworkers, and empowered employees?
“Positive Leadership, Culture & Change, collection 1” helps you to make a difference and amplify your positive impact. These pragmatic, personal and positive leadership articles not only invite you to reflect but also to apply what you read! Grab your copy today!

Positive Leadership, Culture & Change Collection 1 offers:
An interview with “positive leadership and organizational culture”-professor Kim Cameron.
Learn more about the books Practicing Positive leadership, Humble Inquiry, Give & Take and the Power of less by Kim Cameron, Edgar Schein, Adam Grant and Leo Babauta.

Find out how to practice positive leadership.
Connect with your coworkers by asking the right questions.
Learn to be generous at work without asking anything in return – and see how that influences your organization.

Focus on a few things – and get more done while you eliminate stress!
Join the global classroom by Otto Scharmer: How can you act for the well-being of the whole organization – and beyond?

Find inspiration in a case study of personal development at work.
Reflect on feedback, judging and the courage to choose – in three short articles for reflection.

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FREE Historical Romance –
The Lady’s Wicked Proposition

Vivienne Westlake-The_Ladys_Wicked_Proposition_Med

The Lady’s Wicked Proposition
(Wicked Liaisons series)

By Vivienne Westlake


FREE May 19 to 21


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A late night game of cards turns into something far more intriguing when Edwina Merriweather confesses a secret to one of the most charming and debauched men in London. Contrary to popular opinion, Dina is not in town to find a husband. Instead, she’s resolved to find a rake.

Francis Chevalier is fascinated by the drunken spinster offering up her virginity like a piece of cake. Torn between the need to have her and the desire to protect her from her own stupidity, he politely declines.

Undeterred, Dina returns with a proposition so daring even Chevalier cannot refuse.