The Unicorn Adventures – The Candy Cane Crown

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Books for Kids –
“Unicorn Adventures:
The Candy Cane Crown”


(Children’s Books, Kids Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids)
By Lindsey Scott


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The Candy Cane Crown
Its race day and all of the Unicorns in Sugar Grove are excited! All year they have been practicing for The Candy Cane Races. It was a fun race through the winding Candy Cane Forest and the winner always won a beautiful gold crown. This year, each Unicorn was looking forward to their shot at being crowned Champion of The Candy Cane Races.

Then, out of no where, trouble strikes! After the race, the Unicorns of Sugar Grove discover that the golden crown is mysteriously missing! Where did it go? Did someone take it? Can the Unicorns find the crown before it is time to crown the winner of the Candy Cane Race?!

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Descendant – FREE YA, Fantasy Romance

Nichole Giles-Descendant_High_Res_FINAL
(The Descendant Series-Bk 1)

by Nichole Giles


FREE April 27 – May 1


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Seventeen-year-old Abigail Johnson is Gifted.

Blessed—or cursed—with Sight and Healing, Abby lives an unsettled life, moving from place to place and staying one step ahead of the darkness that hunts her. When she arrives in Jackson, Wyoming, she is desperate to maintain the illusion of normalcy, but she is plagued with visions of past lives mixed with frightening glimpses of her future. Then she meets Kye, a mysterious boy who seems so achingly familiar that Abby is drawn to him like he’s a missing piece of her own soul.

Before Abby can discover the reason for her feelings toward Kye, the darkness catches up to her and she is forced to flee again. But this time she’s not just running. She is fighting back with Kye at her side, and it’s not just Abby’s life at stake.

*An exciting young adult paranormal romance & coming of age story & urban fantasy involving Greek and Roman mythology

*featuring fairies, mermaids, psychics, healing herbs and crystals, sprites, magical creatures, dragons, swords and sorcery, goddesses, demons, the Morrigana, magic, witchcraft, romance and kissing

Free Fantasy Novel – Element Keepers: Whispers of the Wind

EP Marcellin - element keepers
Element Keepers:
Whispers of the Wind


FREE April 25 – 29


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Rhet guts fish for a living, content in obscurity until the day he is plucked from the wharves by nine exotic strangers and carted across the continent to a life-sentence of imprisonment. Though he has done nothing (as far as he knows) to warrant such capture, his captors are certain he will one day destroy the world if they do not prevent him.

Although it is true that Rhet discovers great powers, he is neither villain nor hero. He is unique in a world where some can pull threads of wind from the air and weave it to do their bidding; he can bring wind into being where there is none. But a quest for domination begins to unravel the very fabric of the world, destroying the balance that must be maintained. It only took one to start the spiral toward chaos, but one alone cannot save the world, no matter how great his power.

A new chapter in the story of the human race has begun. A slave will come to rule, a dockworker will meet his fate, and an unlikely group of companions will find themselves thrust to the forefront of the battle for life’s existence. And man’s future may be only Whispers in the Wind.

Element Keepers has been called a fast paced, action-packed epic fantasy book. Following in the footsteps of her favorite fantasy authors, E.P. Marcellin created a new world and characters that push the boundaries of imagination.

Element Keepers is also a story about normal people trying to live a normal life, each discovering in their own way that no matter whom you are and where you come from, you have the power to make a difference and shape the world around you.

An exciting story featuring the eastern Xianxia genre

daman-xianxia bk1

The Blood Legacy
(The Divine Elements Bk 1)

An exciting story featuring the eastern Xianxia genre.

A must read for all ages!
#xianxia #immortalhero #comingofage #elementalpowers


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Anger. Pain. Desolation.

An orphan boy tries to forge his own destiny in order to seek the strength to avenge the deaths of his family, as he shatters the chains of servitude binded to him.

The day he lost everything, was the day he awakened to a new power: the element of lightning.

Embarking on a path of Martial Arts and cultivation, this is the story of an unknown boy who takes his first step into a world of friendship, revenge and bloodshed.

The Divine Elements is a book written in the Chinese Xianxia style, with a unique flow and a fast-paced plot.

FREE Gothic Mystery Novel




A Gothic Mystery Novel


FREE thru April 20th


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Vincent is about to lose his mind…or what’s left of it. Living in Victorian-Era London, Vincent has no one to call his friend—except for Rabbit.

The two have been inseparable, completing each other like two sides of the same coin. Growing up in the same orphanage after his parents’ death, Vincent would follow Rabbit anywhere, even into darkness itself.

Years after escaping the orphanage, Vincent has become a famous “illusionist” known throughout London and beyond. It’s been years since he’s seen Rabbit or Veronica, the girl whom he’d been longing for ever since they were kids. His loneliness envelops him until there is a longing he can’t ignore. At night he sees her, Veronica, running down a dark alley. The next day, a woman is found murdered in London’s notorious Whitechapel District.

These disturbances are further complicated when Rabbit, as mysteriously as he’d vanished, comes back into Vincent’s life. It’s as if they’d never separated, the lifelong friends. But perhaps they never did. Between Rabbit’s return and his dreams, Vincent’s hard-won life begins to crumble around him, brick by brick, further down a pit from which there may be no escape. Is he losing his mind? Is Rabbit’s return more than coincidence? Is Veronica somehow in danger? But most importantly, who is the man behind the mask that stalks the dark corners of Vincent’s dreams like a insidious shadow?

Journey into the heart of darkness as one man searches for the truth before it consumes his very soul.

Jack “Strings” Poem included.


ORGANIZE THIS! navigator: Give Chaos a BREAK


Give Chaos a BREAK

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Oh, man, for 30 years I took life too seriously! I was a master people-pleaser, constantly ignoring myself. I was always busy. Sadly, being busy is a trend. A lot of people associate filling up their schedule with being useful or successful. I think that busy=broke and I encourage people to be aware of the way they spend their time, to stop following others recipes for success, and start living life on their terms.

So I felt inspired to design the navigator to enable humans to keep their cool, and give chaos a break.

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

rachel rubin-Parenting guide
Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now:
Converting your Child’s Unruly Energy into Potential


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Have you ever felt desperate and helpless as you tried to get your strong-willed child to behave? Do you often feel like a failure because he just won’t listen to you? Does parenting without power-struggles sound like a far-fetched dream?

Rachel Rubin knows how you feel. She tried and tried to force her spirited son to follow the rules. Then she found something that worked and it’s simpler than you’ve ever imagined.
Having reformed her relationship with her defiant child, in Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now: Converting Your Child’s Unruly Energy Into Potential, Rubin shares her research, experience, and insights so you can do the same. Using a practical, straightforward, no-resistance system that anyone can follow, Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now translates the complexities of parenting into nine fundamental tools that will enable you to develop the best in your child.
Whatever your child’s specific circumstances, Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now can help. Each parenting strategy is designed to be adaptable to your needs.


You’ll learn how to:

• Set effective, long-term parenting goals
• Leverage oxytocin, a naturally produced chemical that fosters cooperation
• Solve underlying causes of misbehavior
• Connect deeply with your child through empathy and understanding
• Stop yelling, maintain self-control, and preserve your sense of authority
• Set productive boundaries and select appropriate consequences for misbehavior
• Harness the power of habit and routines
• Develop and enhance your child’s self-belief, self-image, and self-control
• Empower your child to make high-level choices

And much, much more!

You CAN raise the mature, kind, productive adult you know your child is capable of becoming. Start using Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now today, and watch your child blossom!

For a limited time, this book includes a free link to the author’s 15-page ebook: Story-Time Magic: How a Simple Story Can Transform your Child. Claim your free copy NOW!


Questions & Answers:

Q: What type of child does this parenting system address?
A: The system presented here caters first and foremost to the unique needs of the strong-willed child. Otherwise known as the spirited child, defiant child, or explosive child, this is a kid who is more prone to power struggles than his average counterparts due to his higher-than-average intensity, persistence, sensitivity, and, often, perceptiveness. The strong-willed child generally learns better through experiment than instruction and has an irrepressible need for independence, and this system is designed to bring out this child’s unique potential.
However, the principles in this book are universal and they work well with more mellow and naturally cooperative children as well. The book will also prove helpful with children who may not be clinically “strong-willed,” but who are going through a difficult period for whatever reason. Many of the techniques here can also work wonders with the anxious child, the angry child, and the insecure child.

Q: What resources did the author use to develop the parenting system presented in her book?
A: The author’s system is based primarily on her research as well as her experiences with her own children.



Confessions of a Mail Order Bride: Complete Edition: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance

Confessions of a Mail Order Bride:
Complete Edition: BBW Paranormal
Shape Shifter Romance

by Bestselling Author Kate Kent


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Confessions of a Mail Order Bride: Complete Edition includes all six sizzling hot romances from the Confession’s series!
Are you ready for wedding bells? Six curvy gals are looking for love and the ‘Luscious Lads and Ladies’ site is ready to help them out!


Lion’s Love

Hungry lion meets shy BBW for a roaring good time!

All she’s ever wanted is to find the love of her life. BBW Sherry Cole dreams about the day she will find her true mate, marry and have kids but her natural shyness and a birthmark have eroded her confidence. Some of her co-workers are mean girls who decide it would be fun to play with Sherry’s love life and they take matters into their own hands

Bears’ Babe (menage)

Sexy, scruffy baker bear shifters hook up with curvy BBW for double the growl!

Judith Banks is looking for a partner whose ambition, drive and success match her own. When she sees handsome, successful wolf shifter Brad Stanford’s profile on the ‘Luscious Lads and Ladies Marriage Mates’ website she knows he’s the one. Shifters mate forever and with two failed marriages behind her, Judith is determined to get to know Mr. Perfect. But she hadn’t counted on the desire of the beefcake baker boys; Grant and Evan Myles.


Coyote’s Cutie

Hunky coyote shifter howls with lust and desire for curvy BBW!

Emotionally scarred BBW Marcie Shore aka ‘Hard Core Shore” aches for love but is caught in a vicious cycle of picking the wrong men. And her latest love interest wolf shifter Brad Stanford is about as wrong as they come. When she and nasty boy Brad hook up for some hot loving their steamy encounter leaves Marcie in a tough situation.


Wolves’ Wife (menage)

Sweet and sexy BBW has two wolf shifters growling and howling with desire!

Jill Lambert is not sure men can be trusted. She was the apple of her father’s eye but he left home when she was a teen never to be heard from again, and her ex-boyfriend cheated on her too many times. But when she learns her co-workers and friends have found forever mates on the ‘Luscious Lads and Ladies’ site she is tempted to give the marriage match site a try.


Tiger’s Tease

Pretty and pierced BBW has rough and ready tiger shifter burning with need!

Ava Adams has had her share of troubles; a rough childhood, drug addiction and even a stint in jail. Her last boyfriend was a jerk and the prospects of finding a hot and caring man to love aren’t very good. Though her friend Sherry convinces her to try the ‘Luscious Lads and Ladies Marriage Mates’ site, Ava is pretty sure the outcome will suck—especially since the site is running a blind dating experiment.


Bulls’ Beauty (menage)

Sassy BBW grabs 2 hot n’sexy bulls by the horns!

Cute, curvy and looking for love, Sabrina Foster signs up for the ‘Luscious Lads and Ladies’ marriage mates site. But she’s upset to find that none of the hot shifters on the site are interested in her profile. When she asks Vic, the site owner what the problem is, she is stunned to discover the truth!

Share in their true confessions as the women seek love with some of the hottest shifters in town! Confessions of a Mail Order Bride: Complete Edition includes all the romances and covers in the Confession series. The stories includes strong sexual themes and language.



KINDLE SCOUT Presents: A Friend Like Filby

Mark Wakely-A_Friend_Like_Filby_by_Mark_WakelyA Friend Like Filby

True friends can make all the difference.

George has been fascinated with the idea of time travel ever since the shocking death of his mother when he was ten, and hopes someday to find a friend like Filby, the closest friend of the time traveler in the 1960 movie The Time Machine. George’s high school friends, Dave and Nancy (AKA Onion), struggle to understand his odd obsession. The story takes place during the three friend’s senior year, with a major revelation in store for George on graduation day.


Sign in to and nominate this great new young adult novel on Amazon Kindle Scout! A Friend Like Filby is a heartfelt, amusing story you won’t soon forget.

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